Abs Workout 6 Pack Abs Tips


?6 Pack Abs?Workout?Tips

The end result of tirelessly working out in the gym is to get a nice six pack. Besides that, you need to maintain a good dieting routine. Well, if you?re looking for some abs workout 6 pack abs tips, here are a few things you should consider. If you perform any of the abs workout 6 pack abs exercises outlined below at least three times a week, you can guarantee the best results.

1. The PikePike

Lie facing upwards and place your arms straight at your sides with your legs straight on the floor. Make sure your palms are facing down. Now, you try raising your legs upwards with your torso at 45 degrees from the floor. Basically, your body should form a V-shape. Try reaching your hands along your legs as high as possible without curving your back. The key point of this exercise is to focus on contracting and relaxing your abs by moving your body

2. Cable Side Bend

Side bendGet a D-handle and attach it to a low-pulley cable. Make sure you?re standing with your left side facing the weight stack. Grasp the handle using your left hand and make sure your arm is by your side. Your right hand should be placed on your hip. Face forward and bend it to the left slowly. Now you can try standing again and repeat for reps then you can switch sides. Of course, obliques might not be abs but the movements will definitely be integral to any abs workout 6 pack abs routine.

3. Weighted Crunches

Weighted Wrench


Lie down facing upwards and bent your knees. Make sure your feet are flat on the floor. Extend your arms to reach your knees when holding lightweight plates on both hands. With your arms extended, try lifting your shoulders and head from the floor thus moving your body into a crunch. Basically, your main focus should be contracting your abs to get the results. If needed, you should use a lightweight to keep your feet anchored.

4. Overhead Crunches

crunchesLie down facing upwards with your knees bent. Your feet should be flat on the floor. Extend your arms over your head and the fingers clasped together. The upper part of your arms should be placed alongside your ears. Make sure your arms are straight and placed alongside your head. Try curling your torso forward and raise your shoulders upwards from the floor. Pause the exercise then start it again. It?s one of the best abs workout routines that hit the 6 pack with a lot of overload. If you can perform it after the weighted crunch, you can guarantee the best results.

5. Ball Planks

stability-ball-plankPlace your body into a push-up position using an exercise ball. Place your hands shoulder-width apart and on the floor. Your legs should lie extended behind you with your feet placed up on a ball. From head to toe, maintain a straight line then try pushing back slightly. That will place your arms out in front of your body then hold the position for about a minute. It?s a tough exercise so try all your best to pull it through.

6. Windshield Wipers

Windshield WipersLie down facing upwards and tuck your hands beneath your pelvis with your palms faced down on the ground. Keep feet together and make sure your legs are straight. Try raising your legs to point the heels upwards to the ceiling. Your head and shoulders should be flat on the mat as you try lifting your glutes from the floor and the feet pointing the ceiling. Twist your hips towards the left then lower your legs to the starting point. Lift them up again and twist to the right.

Try any of these exercises for a great 6 pack!




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