Easiest Workout Routines For Your Arms


Getting strong arms does not only make you healthy, it also allows you to wear clothes confidently. To achieve perfect arms, better to consider triceps, biceps and forearm strength training routines. In this case, you only don?t get healthy; you?ll get an ultimate fitness satisfaction.

Forearm Exercises

Walk with Dumbbells


Direction: Choose the heaviest dumbbells that you can carry. Stand straight and walk at a normal pace for 30 seconds. You can just walk straight or you may want to go back and forth. Rest for 15 seconds and walk again. You can do this routine for thirty minutes. To make it enjoyable, you can do it with friends and walk around the park.

Pull Yourself up

Look for pull up bar and hang a towel on it. Make sure the towel can hold your weight. Pull yourself up using the towel and let your head touch the pull up bar. Do this for 16 counts and rest for 5 seconds. In case, it would be too hard for you to reach the pull back, you can just hold on the towel and hang in there for 30 seconds and rest for 5 seconds. The duration of this activity will depend on you.

Triceps Exercises

Sit on Air

Find two lateral benches and make them one meter apart. The distance would depend on your height. Position your feet on the bench in your front and then place your hands on? the other bench. It would appear like you are sitting on air but your weight is supported by your hands. Slowly, lift your body until your body is formed diagonally. On this routine, your force will concentrate on your arms, specifically on your triceps. Do it for 16 counts, but make sure that your feet are steady and straight while performing the workout.

Push Up 2.0

Push up has been one of the most traditional exercises to tone your upper body muscles. To make it more effective, spread your legs about one foot apart and put your hands together. Put all your force on your arms as you lift your body up. The number of push up would depend on your capacity. Others can go a hundred or more, however, remember not to force yourself. You can start with 30 counts and go for fifty until you reach the maximum for your target body type.

Biceps Exercises

Incline Bench Position

Sit on a bench which is slightly inclined. Put your dumbbells on each of your hands. Position your dumbbells just a little above your tummy and then push them up until your arms are fully extended. Do this routine for 16 counts and then rest. To make it more effective, change the weight of your dumbbells. Choose the heavier ones for the next round. You may do this for at least 10 minutes on a daily basis. It can be added to your other fitness routines as well.

Barbell Up and Down

This could the most famous biceps exercise. Stand straight and hold your barbell right in front of your waist. Pull the barbell slowly until above your chest and then position it above your head with your arms fully extended. The change of the barbell?s position should be done slowly to prevent injuries or fractures. You can repeat this routine and make it last for 5 to ten minutes. When you get comfortable with the weight of the barbell, you may change it to the heavier ones.



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