Effective ways to lose weight


Effective ways to lose weight

One of the most common problems among people nowadays is they do way too much when it comes to their exercise routine. They think having a lot of exercises can instantly solve their weight loss problems. They get engaged with too many sets and wonder with the lack of improvement on their body. That’s not the right method to lose weight or to be in a fitness program.Effective ways to lose weight

Not everyone is aware, but you need to familiarize yourself with assistance exercises to be able to accomplish your fitness goals. You may know the four basic categories of exercises namely strength training, cardiovascular exercises, balance training and flexibility exercises, however, there’s more to learn and this is where the essence of assistance exercises comes in. Assistance exercises can strengthen your body specifically the weak areas, help in building muscle mass and provide balance and symmetry to your body when you are under your training.

There are no wrong exercises, probably just a wrong understanding or application. You can develop your own assistance exercises as long as you know the meaning and possible effects of these on your body. For starters, you may want to try these exercises especially if you are under a weight training.


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Push Up

Although it may be one of the traditional routines, push up can be more effective if you use it with a weight vest. In the absence of this material, you can replace it with any objects that can add resistance. The more you make it difficult, the more chances of getting satisfactory results. But of course, the level of difficulty depends on the condition of your body. More capable individuals do push with rings or EFS Blast Straps to strengthen their chest and shoulders. This customized push up also help them keep their abdominal muscles intact, thus, avoiding accumulation of belly fat.

Lifting Dumbbells

Dumbbells should not be feared about. Keep in mind that you don’t have to overdo it. Choose dumbbells which you feel most comfortable with. And then, shift to the heavier ones when your body and / or muscles start to adjust. To start with, stand straight and hold one dumbbell on your right hand. Raise your right hand and move your right leg forward. Extend your right arm overhead and slowly put it down. Go back to your original position and do the same thing on your left hand together with your left leg. Don’t forget to breathe in and out in between. As you press the dumbbell overhead, your muscles around your arms and shoulders received pressure which can help in improving muscle strength overtime.

Glute Ham Raise

After paying attention on the upper extremities, let’s go downward. The muscle at the back of your upper leg can be worked out through glute – ham raises. You must add in a full range motion to be able to achieve an exercise that works from bottom to the top. It is suggested to perform this activity on a daily basis with 2-3 sets of 5 reps.

To make this more effective, here are the friendly reminders you may want to apply. When you do reps on your own, hold your hands and arms out in front of you like you are holding a barbell. Always begin with the movement of a back raise to have a full range of motion and look for some pressure during the activity.

If you have decided to do an exercise on a regular basis, commit to it. Each training or activity must be taken seriously unless you are just messing around with your own body. Remember, doing an exercise will surely take a lot of your time and must be included as one of your priorities. If right now, you can’t discipline your own self, what more in the future? You should have a solid reason why you are doing an exercise.

Some fitness enthusiasts suggest mind over matter in dealing with the pressure of getting involved in a fitness program. Although, it may work for others, you must not forget the physiological aspect of it. Your body must be strong and healthy enough prior to any physical activities. Thus, aside from having the willful mindset, you have to consult your doctor first. Your mind and your body must be on a proper condition before anything else.

Elsewhere, it is also a must to be mindful on what you eat if you want to be healthy. The ability to say “no” to unhealthy stuff is truly a great challenge for many. However, once you have started a healthy-eating program you should learn how to have a better judgment on your food choices. Here are useful tips and thoughts which may help you to stick on your food regimen and lose belly fat eventually.

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What you need versus what you want

This concept applies not only on the stuff you buy but also in labeling food around your plate. All types of food are important as they have specific roles in our body. However, you should know what you need at the moment. Erase the notion of bad food, instead perceive them as something you don’t need. These foods that you want right now might actually what you will need in the future. Stick to your diet and realize the importance of the food you eat.

Healthy comfort food

It might be hard to do it at first, but having a much healthier choice of comfort food can save you from getting back to your old and chubby body. People tend to look for something sweet whenever they feel down or stressed. Imagine how many times you will get stressed in a day or in a week. Will you actually indulge yourself with bars of chocolate, pints of ice cream or packs of marshmallow? Avoid having emotional connections to your food. The better thing to do is to find healthier stuff when you feel down and do yoga or any stress-relieving exercises.

Practice the 80 percent rule

In reality you can’t eat healthy food all the time. Still, there are instances wherein you crave for something out of your diet plate. That’s fine. You only need to.make sure that 80 percent of what you consume on a daily basis is still healthy. As time goes by, you will notice that it is easy to be a foodie and at the same time to be healthy.

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