Showing off six pack abs is now the real deal. Through the help of a perfect program, you can achieve your goal in just a month. Guaranteed, your sweat and sacrifices will be worth it at the end. It only takes determination and commitment to improve your appearance.

Are you ready to lose your beer belly? No fats, more fun!



Nutrition is on the top of our list. An intense ab workout would require you to eat a lot as you feel fed up and muzzy. Instead of the usual carbs reduction, focus on burning them. An abrupt cut of carbs could be one of the biggest mistakes you might have if you target six pack abs. Carbohydrate-rich foods are your major source of energy in performing hardcore routines. As advised by the fitness experts, keep a constant intake of carbs until your abs have started to form and then slowly drop your consumption of carbs-rich foods.

Your diet plan should also include the appropriate amount of protein and veggie intake. You can never go wrong with vegetables, aside from the nutrients you can get, the metabolism also gets faster than the usual. In terms of protein add around 50-60 additional grams per day . On the last note, avoid all types of sugary and flavored drinks.

Never ever starve yourself while you engage in a workout routine.


The right training would involve the understanding of your own body. Abdominals are group of muscles which require intensive workout training, consistency and a set of rules to pop out. Ab exercises target either upper or lower abs, but in most cases, fitness trainers are focused on the upper abs or the trunk flexion.

In order to enhance your upper abs, you better do crunches. Although crunches are very common exercise routines, the proper execution can still result in having six pack abs. You can either do a Swiss ball crunch, weighted cable crunch or a weighted Swiss ball crunch.

On one hand, any six-pack abs workout routines should be done on a regular basis with adequate knowledge on what you want to achieve. If you only want to maintain your abs , you?d better have a medium load and frequency workout routine. If you are after muscular and dense abs, then you must have a higher load and less frequency.

Building abs will be hard without a strategy and a consistent push to do it. Also, the harder your workout routine, the more rest? your muscles and or your body may need. Consult your fitness trainer regarding the number of exercises you must perform and how far you can go with your body type.



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