The Best Ab Workouts & Exercises


Ab Workouts & ExercisesAb workouts are able to help you lose your extra belly fat, and even help it look considerably tighter after just a few days. However, there?s nothing easy about getting into proper shape and keeping the weight off for god. There?s no miracle method here; you genuinely have to put in the work, and on a consistent, regular basis. Still, the payoff will be more than worth it. You?ll be looking considerably better than you thought you could after having struggled with weight loss and fitness. All of a sudden, you?ll actually find yourself receiving plenty of compliments from friends and family!

Various abdominal exercises have been developed over time. Not all of them are helpful or even healthy however. A lot of people think they are working their abs despite doing very little useful work at all. A proper understanding of your own body and what actually works is absolutely necessary. That goes double for beginners so that you won?t get yourself wrapped up into bad habits early on. In the paragraphs below, you will find some basic info to help you get started on the right path.

If you want to end up with a stronger core and tightened muscles, you can actually get there without having to spend hour after hour lifting dead weight. A lot of the best ab exercises are actually fairly simple in comparison. Many can even be done from the comfort of your own home! Here are some basic exercises you need to be focusing on:

1 ? The Side Plank

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The side plank exercise has risen to popularity thanks to its inclusion in power yoga instruction. It puts a maximum of impact on your core muscles in a short time frame. In order to do a side plank, all you have to do is lie down on your side and then place your feet together with your hands underneath your shoulders. You then move your left hand towards the ground before rolling outwards to the outer edge of the left foot. Then, lift up your right arm as you push your hips up. Switch sides and repeat at least a few times and you?re done!

2 ? Tabletop Leg Extender

The tabletop leg extender is a bit of a challenge, but it works wonders. To do this one, you have to keep your hands and knees on the ground, essentially putting yourself in a ?tabletop? position. Tuck your tailbone down facing towards your heels in order to work the lower abdomen. Make sure your spine is as straight as can be before lifting one leg at a time and straightening it. Switch legs and repeat.

3 ? Forearm Plank

In contrast, the forearm plank is quite easy, allowing you to do even more reps without wearing yourself out. For this one, lie down with your forearms and palms facing the floor. Tuck your toes and then lift your hips away from the floor until your body has flattened. All you have to do is hold the position for a few minutes, rest, and then repeat.

4 ? Push-Ups

Yes, this is an old standard that everyone knows about, but push-ups really do work. They improve the strength and build of the pecs and biceps while putting in a lot of important work on the core muscles. Your hands have to be placed right underneath your shoulders to do proper push-ups. Tuck your toes and keep your spine as straight as you can. Raise and lower yourself with your arms without moving your hips too much. Repeat this as many times as you can.

5 ? Straight Leg Ab Twist

Stemming from Pilates, the straight Workouts leg ab twist works on every part of the core. This time, lie on your back as flat as you can and lift your legs until your heels face toward the ceiling. Drop your legs to the left and touch the floor with the side of your foot if you can. Lift back up and then repeat this on the right.


Disclaimer: please understand that text can be misinterpreted at times, so if any of Sonu?lar? the descriptions above are not clear to you, please consult with a health or fitness professional first before trying any of these exercises.



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