Ways on How to Strengthen Your Lower Back


Back pain attacks anytime, anywhere. In most cases, the target would be your lower back. It doesn?t count if you have a white or blue collar jobs. When it hits you, the struggle is real. Lower back pain can also be acquired through imbalance exercise routine. One way to shun this nerve-wrecking pain is to actually find ways to strengthen it.

Get the benefits of strength training and push your body to have best shape possible.

Now, here are easy steps to strengthen your lower back.

Cat Pose


Kneel on a mat or carpet, and then place your hands on it like a cat. Lower your head and curve your back as if there?s a giant ball on tummy. You will feel that your body is being stretched. Then, drop your belly and lift your head upward. Do this for 16 counts.

This routine will help you avoid sudden back pains when you suddenly make movements, like from sitting to standing. There are cases that your back gets shocked and you would feel that hasty pain.

Right Angle Pose

For the next routine, you only need to stand in an upright position and put your legs together, then place your hands on your knee. Make sure that your body forms a right angle while your head is aligned with your spine. Hold the posture for 16 counts. Afterwards, stand straight. Breathe in and out. Do this for eight times.

This pose aims to strengthen your back and at the same time regulate your breathing pattern. It is highly recommended to perform this stunt when you want to fortify the coordination between your breathing and body movements. Additionally, your knees get proper discipline so it would be easier for you to pick things abruptly.

SOS Pose

To complete the drill, go back to your first position ? the cat pose. This time it will be different. While your hands and your knees are on the floor, your head must be up and aligned with your back. Release your left arm and your right leg, let your right arm and your left leg support your weight. It is like reaching out your hand while your body forms one straight line from wrist to torso to heel. Hold it for eight counts, and then do it on your right arm and left leg. Do this for eight times.

This routine aims to strengthen your lower back and at the same time your shoulder. Make sure not to lift your arm and leg too high.

This ultimate fitness drill only takes around 10 to minutes of your time. Invest in making your body physically fit. Don?t wait until you can?t move your body anymore. Fitness is just around the corner.



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