6 Science-backed Ways to Lose Weight Quickly


In order to 6 science-backed ways to lose weight quickly, we try as many things as we can. Most of the time, we go further than what common folks tell us to do.

Eating a lot? Ditch the dining table and don?t eat! Being couch potato? Stand up and exhaust yourself till you can?t stand up!

Obviously these things don?t help. They may even cause worse problems! You don?t really have to do these extreme things just to say goodbye to your fats and lose belly fats.


What we got here are ways you can lose weight at home?and they?re backed by science! Read on to find out how you can quickly lose weight without extreme measures.

Sugar and Starches? Ditch them!

We kick-off our list by giving you the most important rule of dieting: drop those sugary sweets and starches?NOW!

The main idea behind this advice is that less sugar and starch means you?ll have less appetite. When you don?t feel hunger that much, you?ll start eating fewer calories.

Your body will start eating off your stored fats instead of burning carbs for energy. And if that?s not good enough, let us tell you that cutting down on carbs also pulls your insulin levels down. Once your insulin level drops, your kidneys will start flushing off excess sodium from your body.

Protein is king!

You ever saw those gym buffs dashing out while slurping protein shakes? Well, they?re not really doing that just to show off. They have good reasons for downing bottle after bottle of such drink.

As we have put it in the heading, protein is king!

You should definitely add more protein to your diet. During the digestion process, your body burns calories. And in the process, your body metabolizes the protein you eat. To give you some figures, a high-protein diet can boost metabolism by as much as 100 calories a day.

In addition, a high-protein diet will make you feel full for a longer amount of time. You won?t feel hungry so you won?t crave for more food.

Let us give you a very simple life hack (one that everybody actually knows but for some reason doesn?t believe in): having eggs for breakfast can make a huge difference, starting off your day with the much needed protein your need.

Here are some really good protein sources:

For meats: lamb, pork, chicken, and beef

Eggs: don?t forget the yolk

Seafood: salmon, shrimp, and trout

Befriend Veggies and say hello to good fats

We cannot emphasize enough how vegetables are really good for the body. It?s true: all of us feel like we hate vegetables because, you know, other foods taste better. But better-tasting foods rarely help us lose weight and lose belly fats.

You have to befriend these green things if you really want to be fit and slim. If you?re worried about your taste buds retaliating against the tastes, you?ll get used to them. You can take down the following vegetables as much as you want:


Brussels sprouts






And many other green, leafy veggies!

Don?t think twice. Fill your plates with as much as of these as you can have. You can gobble huge amounts of them and you won?t even go over 50 net carbs per day.

And for ?good fat? sources, you can throw olive oil, avocado oil, coconut oil, and butter in the mix. You can assemble different meals a day with the combination of protein, veggies, and good fats?and you?ll see better results more quickly. In fact, their benefits go beyond helping you lose weight and lose belly fats.

Take a (strict) cheat day

Your emotions and mental state play huge roles in the process of getting fit and getting healthier. The fact is that people usually give up dieting and weight training because they feel frustrated about slow results.

Aside from talking to yourself for motivation, taking one cheat day a week wouldn?t hurt a lot. You can even do some sort of a ?carb re-feed? if you want, as long as you don?t overdo it.

For people who have cheat days, they usually think it?s like having a reward at the end of the week for a surviving a week not eating unhealthy foods. That?s not really a good way of thinking. Instead of thinking of the cheat day as a reward, think of it as a short break. Very merely a short break.

The reward you should be looking forward to is achieving the fit and healthy body you want. That?s the only true reward you should give yourself.

Lose Weight with Water

Many people know that old adage that goes something like, ?drink 8 glasses a day every day.?

That sounds real fun. Whoever got that figure must have been a mathematician! Seriously, though, there?s really no strict count on how many glasses of water you should drink a day.

Actually, what?s more important is that you never get dehydrated. Drink water when you?re thirsty. Drink water if you have the chance. Down a glass of water whenever you feel like it, or even for no reason at all.

Science has proven that water helps speed up the body?s metabolism. For one, if you drink 0.5 litres of water, you may push your calorie-burning rate by 24 to 30 percent an hour afterward.

For middle-aged or older people, it?s a good idea to take some water before meals. This can result to lower calorie intake, thus it?s another quick way to lose weight and lose belly fats.

It also goes without saying that you should lower avoid sweetened or sugary beverages like sodas and such. Replace them with water.

Change your lifestyle and your outlook

This one may come at the bottom of our list, but it surely isn?t the least helpful. In fact, if you can tick this off the list right off the bat, you?re almost done.

Change your lifestyle but accepting that your habits have been unhealthy and convince yourself that changing them is the quickest way to achieve your weight goals. Think about all the unhealthy stuff and habits you have, and try to quit doing them. Start by doing them less often, and eventually quit them for good (this one is particularly effective for smokers).

Then, keep in mind that being fit and healthy isn?t a one-time endeavour. It should be something you?re always seeking for. After getting down to your target weight, it?s time to maintain a healthy habit for a much more fulfilling life.