Exercise Ball Workouts – Improve How You Look, Feel and Your Fitness Level


Exercise Ball Workouts – Improve How You Look, Feel and Your Fitness Level. One of the most versatile pieces of fitness equipment is the exercise ball as it helps in performing allows a wide range of different exercises and improving overall fitness. You can easily do the routines at home and get great results.? There are a lot of benefits of using an exercise ball. You can count on the expansion of posture, improved muscle and toning your entire body, as well as increased strength and flexibility.

Right Sort of Exercise Ball Workouts – Improve How You Look, Feel and Your Fitness Level

Looking for a piece of equipment that allows you to do exercises in the comfort of your own home? Then why not consider investing some money in an exercise ball. With the right sort of exercise ball workouts, one can soon begin to see improvements in the way that one looks and feels. At a fraction of the cost of traditional an exercise ball makes economic as well as fitness sense.

Ball Provide The Benefits.

But not only do workouts involving an exercise ball help to improve muscle strength they provide other health benefits to the user. People will find over time that they can do exercises for considerably longer as they have more endurance. Plus as the muscles in the body including the core ones become more toned and stronger they see improvements to their backs and abdomens.


No Expensive or Fancy Gadgets.

One of the best things that you can enjoy with exercise balls is that they are such simple pieces of equipment. There are no expensive or fancy gadgets to worry about and you don’t have to be a rocket scientist to figure out how to add the balls to your regular workout. Believe it or not, these exercise balls provide you with a great way to build not only endurance but strength as well in the core muscles of the body. This means that you are working the abdominal and back muscles. So, it can help to strengthen these two areas so that they are less susceptible to injuries.

Choosing a Stability Ball.

When it comes to choosing a stability ball you must take into consideration how tall you are as well as how much you weigh. Remember you want a ball that will not only carry your weight easily but it is? a size that ensures that all muscles within the body are being utilized when doing your? exercise ball workouts. Getting the right sized ball will make your workout all the more beneficial.


What is so fantastic about an exercise ball?

It is Fun!

The first great benefit of using an exercise ball is that it is fun. Bouncing, rolling and stretching on the ball feel good. In general, we do things that feel good and avoid things that feel unpleasant. The ball gets us over the inertia of sitting statically and gets us moving. It gets our exercise program rolling and builds our exercise momentum. We will keep coming back for more because we like the way we feel on the ball. This is an excellent first step in our quest to get back in shape.

It is Effective.

Another important benefit of an exercise ball is that it is effective. By sitting on the ball the muscles of our legs, hips, pelvis and torso are constantly readjusting to keep us upright. Little postural control muscles contract automatically when balancing on a ball. When we are out of shape and don’t really look forward to a workout isn’t it nice to exercise without even being aware that we are doing it?

It can be a Complete Workout.

Besides working with our postural muscles with dynamic muscle contractions. We can get a full body workout with a ball. By balancing or bouncing on the ball. We strengthen our major muscle groups. As we bounce on the ball. We get a good cardiovascular workout and we strengthen our quads and gluteal muscles. As we do this, we get our lymphatic system pumping as well. To round out our workout the ball also makes stretching core stabilizing and body weight exercises easy to do.

It can help Reduce Back Pain

Some people find that sitting on an exercise or stability ball for short periods at their desks helps to reduce their back pain and stiffness. When sitting on the ball the muscles of the trunk need to constantly contract and relax to make adjustments.

As the muscles do this, they improve the circulation in the muscles along the spine helping to reduce back pain, which is often caused by prolonged sitting in regular chairs.

For years people have been reaping the benefits of using an exercise ball for their workout routine. Its low impact and forgiving qualities make it a perfect workout platform for those with muscle and joint pain as well as those trying to lose weight and improve their fitness.

Easy to Use.

They are popular all over the world, mostly because they are simple, easy to use, comfortable, fun, and don’t cost very much. The ball creates instability in exercises that would not usually be unstable? strengthening the muscles that do most of the balancing. They can also be used to strengthen and develop the core body and back muscles that help to stabilize the spine.

Types of Ball.

The Exercise ball (also known as a Swiss Ball, Pilates Ball, or Medicine Ball) comes in many different forms, sizes, and colors. From the large Pilates style to the smaller Medicine ball, they are not only used for exercise routines but also to treat and prevent reoccurring cases of lower back pain.

Exercise Balls Help The Person.

Exercise balls help many types of people from athletes to older people, to pregnant women. There are many different exercises created to help each of these and other special interest groups.

No matter what exercise ball routine you may choose always remember how important stretching is for your body before and after each workout.

Improve Overall Fitness.

The exercise ball is one of the most versatile pieces of fitness equipment allowing a range of different exercises to be performed working for many major muscle groups and helping improve overall fitness.? An exercise ball workout is one of the lowest impact ways to work core muscles, and to tone your body for that desired fit look.

Top Exercise Ball Workout Ideas.

Here are a couple of top exercise ball workout ideas to keep you going and give you the best start with your exercise ball workout.

Knee Bridge

The knee bridge is designed to tone your buttocks and help stretch out those crucial hamstrings. Lying with your back flat on the floor and your knees bent over the exercise ball workout? (so that they run parallel to the ground), push your hips and buttocks upwards and hold the position, before returning back to your original position.? The more accentuated the movement, and the more pronounced the hold period, the more effective you’ll find the knee bridge.

Elevated Push-up

The elevated push-up uses the fitness ball as a mere leg rest, elevating the legs above the height of the shoulders.? Adopting a traditional push-up stance use the fitness ball to elevate your legs to create more resistance to the move.? This makes each push-up you complete more difficult, and as such is for the more advanced, who already have sufficient upper body strength to easily complete regular push-ups.

Wall Squat

The wall squat adopts the regular squat motion, except does so rolling the fitness ball up and down a wall.? The ball is placed between you and the wall, resting on your upper back/shoulder area.? Pressing against the ball so as to keep it secure, perform the squat.? The slower the squat is performed, the more difficult it will become, and the more impact it will have on the quads, buttocks, and hamstrings.

Need to Consult.

One precaution we need to take when using an exercise ball workout is making sure our balance is good enough, to keep us from falling off the ball. As with any new exercise program, we need to consult with our healthcare practitioner to make sure it is appropriate for us to begin.

When we think about getting back in shape, we need to think about getting on an exercise. The price is right. The ball is fun to use, portable, and most importantly, it is effective at getting us moving in the right direction.