Get Rid of Belly Fats Now


Our fat cells are responsible for storing energy in the form of fat which are categorized into two types- the visceral and the subcutaneous. Scientifically, the subcutaneous lies directly under the skin and is not considered to be hazardous to your health.

Thus, we should get rid of visceral fats as it surrounds internal organs and stored primarily within the abdominal cavity. From a health perspective, storing higher amounts of visceral fat can increase the risks of having a number of health problems such as type 2 diabetes. Most women have this type of fat around the buttocks and thighs while men have it around the abdomen.

With the advent of new machines and equipment, you can easily get rid of belly fat. Nonetheless, we will offer you effective and yet natural ways to lose fat.



Engage in low-carb diets and avoid refined carbs such as the white breads, white rice, pastas, waffles and sugary foods. Low carb diets have shown satisfying weight loss results as it target the fat in the belly. Some of the highly recommended low carb foods are eggs, fish, vegetables and fruits. For breakfast, you can try omelet and mixed veggies; for lunch, shrimp salad poured with little olive oil will do; for dinner, you can have grilled chicken and spinach on the side.


Moderate alcohol intake is recommended by the fitness and health specialists. Although, it contains healthful effects on the body, too much consumption would always be harmful. A lot of studies have shown that excessive alcohol intake can lead to several health problems including liver disease and inflammation. The most apparent effect of high alcohol consumption is the belly fat, which commonly referred now as the beer belly. Approximately three drinks daily could bring more than 80 percent of excess belly fat.


Abdominal fat can be acquired if you lack sleep, which will lead to weight gain after some time. Many researches have disclosed the possibility of gaining 15 kilograms if you sleep five hours or less in comparison to those who get a minimum of 7 hours. Since you lack sleep, you tend to eat more and your metabolism slows down. Also, when you are sleep deprived, you feel lethargic and you?ll start to crave for junk foods and soda.


Putting extra effort to burn fats would definitely be effective to lose beer belly. Let?s say, you already have a workout routine each day. Try to add three to five more minutes on your exercise and make it a little harder. A 10-minute workout can do the job for you, excluding the warm up and the cool down. Adding to your daily mini-workout, it would be better if you use burpee combo and kettle bell swing even just once a week. For those with busy schedules, jogging and running can be an alternative.




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