How to Get Your Muscles Toned?


Muscles Toned

With great emphasis on what eyes can perceive, having a flat tummy and broad shoulders are already outdated. For many, getting fit is more than losing fat. The attention has shifted now on having toned muscles and abs.

For women, attaining 24-inch waistline is no longer a big deal without a layered of toned abs. For men, the total package would be toned muscles of chest, stomach and arms.


The muscular definition and shape have altered the notion of getting fit. Toning occurs if there?s an increase in muscle tissue as well as a low enough body fat percentage.

In order to achieve toned muscles, you have to undergo a strength training and cautiously target the layer of fat covering your muscles through proper diet. For instance, calorie deficit can effectively remove most of the subcutaneous body fat (fat under the skin).

In terms of performing a strength routine which targets muscle toning, here are the most recommended trainings. There should be resting periods in between sets to keep your heart rate stable and to let your muscles to recover.

  1. Weight Training
  2. KettleBell Training
  3. Elastic Band Training
  4. Medicine Ball Training

These routines might be challenging at the start, however, your body has a natural ability to adapt in the muscle stress that you have as you repeat these over the course of the training.

Fitness experts remind the fitness aficionados that higher reps and lighter weight will never get you toned muscles. In contrary of what the advertisements proposes, machines, products and or supplements won?t make you toned. As mentioned above, your exercise routines must directly target the specific area which needs toning attention. It is recommended to build some muscles first and then lose the fats covering that area.

The main concept of toning is to improve the muscular tone, increase lean muscle mass and make the overall structural strength better.

Getting your muscles toned is also beneficial to your health. In general, it could be a great method to dissolve the excess body weight, improve the cardiovascular endurance and raise your basal metabolic rate. Specifically, here are the health benefits from muscle toning.

  1. Increases the level of good cholesterol in the body
  2. Sheds the chances of having heart ailments and cancer.
  3. Lowers the probability of having Type 2 diabetes.
  4. Improves mental stability and immune system.
  5. Helps in attaining straight posture and body coordination.


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