Protein Magic for Weight Loss


Weight Loss

Protein intake makes you eat lesser calories unconsciously and leads to rapid weight loss. Recent studies imply that protein at 30% of calories may result in 441 drop of calories per day, which can work on a meal-to-meal basis. Protein diets have metabolic and appetite advantages, a perfect combination for your workout routines for rapid weight loss.

Here?s the surprising list of food rich in protein.


Black Beans

A single cup of black beans mixed with your favorite veggie dishes can give around 40 grams of protein compared to the traditional white ones. Black beans are also recommended to be added on your favorite Mexican dishes as much as you want.

The nutritional value of black beans doesn?t end there. This legume is also rich in disease fighting antioxidants, filling fiber and vitamins and minerals. It is known to be an extreme provider of protection against heart disease, inflammation, nutrient deficiencies and diabetes. Since it is an affordable and extreme source of protein plus its commendable health benefits, it should be added to your weight loss diet plate.


Popular as breakfast meal, one half cup of dry whole oats makes 6.75 grams of protein. Fitness and health expert suggest that 10 to 35 percent of your daily calories must be taken from your protein diet plan. If you follow a 2,000-calorie diet, 15 percent of your daily protein need can be taken from oats. In general, processed oats contain lesser protein, thus you should consume more to meet your protein need.

Hemp Seeds

Hemp seeds, either tossed or toasted, are best paired with your salad for vegetarian and non-vegetarians. For higher protein content, it?s ?best to combine hemp seeds with other protein-rich food or meal. You can combine hemp seeds with your granola or ice cream, garnish on cereals, or mix it with your pancake. A whole, hulled hemp seeds have approximately 33 percent of protein. A full 3 tablespoon serving of seeds is equivalent to 10 grams of protein.

Hemp seeds make look similar to sesame seeds, but they are actually nuttier and contain higher omega-3 fatty acid. Also, hemp seeds have higher protein content compared to other seeds, sesame has 4 grams per 30 grams of serving, pumpkin seeds have 5 grams per 10 grams of serving. These seeds are also a good source of fiber, which can help you to have better digestion, the healthier your digestion is the better for your metabolism, whereas regulated metabolism points to rapid weight loss.


Amaranth is not just your typical grain. One cup of amaranth coverts to 28.1 grams of protein and also known as a remarkable source of lysine, which is an amino acid with protein content. Making it more protein-filled, it contains albumin and globulins which are more soluble and digestible compared to other grains.

This ancient grain also gives off calcium, iron, phosphorus, and carotenoids than other vegetables. Proving its nutritional value, it has 6 to 10% unsaturated, oil or a 77% estimated unsaturated fatty acids and was found to have Vitamin C content, amazing isn?t?




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