Training Routines

The basic strength routines follow a certain philosophy and that is to start light and to progress slowly. If you decide to commit in this program, you have to take it seriously to eventually inch toward your goal. However, training could still be fun once you treat it as you look forward and appreciate your improvement. Perspective really matters.

Like what most of the fitness coaches would entail to the starters, starting too light could buy you some time to progress forward.? Remember, you can eventually break your own record, don?t rush it just because you want faster result.


The following strength training routines will demonstrate gradual changes in your core.

Bar Squatting

On the top of the list is the famous squat with a bar pose. Whenever you do squat, there should be an extreme focus. To do this, you may look into something intently, and don?t stop staring at it even in the presence of abrupt distractions. Always choose the bar you are most comfortable with and take a full grip on it. Next, keep your elbows down and try to force them under the bar to your hips to drive first out of the bottom of the squat. It is recommended to slowly go down until the tops of your thighs are parallel to the ground and push your knees out to the sides while you arch your upper back. Take a deep breath before taking out the bar and keep your toes at about a 30-45 degree angle.

Bench Press

In this training, your shoulder blades must be pushed back while you keep your chest spread out during the press. Keep in mind that you should not lift your butt off the bench and make sure your feet are in a solid and strong position. Wrap your hands tightly around the bar and take a deep breath before lifting the bar. At this moment, your back must be arched and your feet stay firmly on the floor. Slowly lift the bar off and hold your breath for the first 2-3 reps of every set. On the way down, keep your elbows tucked until you reach above your chest. Keep pushing up and back.

Dead Lift

Before doing this strength ?training routine, it is recommended to acquire the appropriate type of shoes. If you can afford, invest in a pair of shoes, like a Metal squat shoe and an Olympic squatting shoe, to give your legs a strong, steady base to pull or push from.

For your starting position, stand straight with your toes lightly pointed outward. Keep your weight in the middle of your foot or toward the rear to avoid injuries. Grab the bar and position it just in front of your leg first. Arch your lower back a bit, enough to let you get firm on your position. Fill your diaphragm with air, butt down and chest up. Lift the bar slowly from your thighs all the way up. At this point, stand straight and lock your knees. Lower the bar slowly, then drop it.

These strength training routines can be done four times a week with a corresponding warm-up and assistance from the fitness instructor. You can also come up with your own combination. Start building and strength now!



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