Things To Know About Weightlifting


About Weightlifting

Aside from being one of the most popular sports during international games, weightlifting has been popular among those who target weight loss. With proper coaching from fitness experts and conscious food discipline, you can be comfortable with your appearance after engaging in weightlifting. This fitness routine has been widely performed by women as well and more and more get interested due to its health benefits.

If you are already performing this activity, good for you. If you haven?t considered trying this fitness exercise, here are the fun facts about weightlifting you would surely want to know.


Reduce Stress and Anxiety

Any form of exercise will surely help you release your stress. Weight lifting has been recognized as a natural depressant as it boosts dopamine, norepinephrine and serotonin while performing the activity. It also releases endorphins, a brain chemical which improves mood and fight depression.

Better Posture

Weightlifting encourages you to stand straight and trains your body to sustain that posture over time. Your bad posture will be corrected once you perform this exercise on a daily basis. Also, this exercise strengthens your bones which make it easier for you to avoid osteoporosis or any bone fractures in the future. Studies also showed that having 16 weeks of resistance training can improve your hip bone density and blood level, an indication of bone growth by approximately 19 percent.

Higher Metabolism

In performing weight lifting you tend to have leaner muscles. Subsequently, your metabolism will increase, which will later result in burning more calories when your body is resting. Weight training enthusiasts also get an average of 7 hours of sleep, as we all know deep sleep is interrelated to weight loss. If you don?t have ample of time, two training sessions per week will do to make you lose 7 percent of body fat.

Increases Strength

Weight training strengthens your joints, ligaments and tendons. For this reason, there could be a lesser chance for you to have muscles and connective tissue related injuries. If you are engaged in sports, weightlifting should be added on your training course to get better results.

Improves Body Coordination

Muscle coordination is highly needed in weightlifting. Your joints and your strength must well-coordinated to prevent injuries. On the other hand, when you?ve mastered the art of weightlifting, guaranteed you?re going to have body coordination naturally over time.

The right weight lifting training can lead to a better performance of your activities. Perseverance and intense discipline can be practiced as well through exercise. Imagine having a toned appearance and a healthy lifestyle ? all that and more can be achieved through weight trainings.



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