Word to the Wise: Getting Fit Regularly


Are you one of those who struggle to stay fit in the middle of a busy schedule? Do you usually hide from the camera when your squad takes group pictures? Have you forgotten the last time you bought the clothes you like without considering the size?

Here are simple tips which can boost your desire to attain a beach ready body anytime of the year, how busy you may be.

  • Goal: Make it Realistic

A lot of fitness enthusiast set goals which are impossible to achieve in a given period of time. Slicing pounds from your weight does not happen in a day or two. The higher the goal is, the longer it will take. Others tend to force their bodies just to meet their goals. This is absolutely a no-no.

Let?s say, you spend eight hours a day in your work, you can a lot about an hour or two to exercise. If you usually eat three heavy meals a day, make it three medium meals with light snacks. Start with these simple goals. When you get used to it, you may aim to lose at least one pound in a month. In most cases, you can lose about 1 to 2 pounds per week if you reduce your caloric intake by 500?1000 calories per day.


Adjust your goals based on the results that you get.

Mindset : I can and I will

Let?s say you have a goal, and then what come?s next? Words without actions are useless. You have to condition your mind that you can and will do it no matter what. There will be physical changes, but more than anything else, it starts with psychological assessment on how you will deal with it.

One of the greatest challenges that fitness enthusiasts face is to stay on track despite the temptations and disappointments around. For instance, you are already on your third day of your diet, and then your friend sends you boxes of chocolate. Will you give up what you have started? How about if you strictly follow your ultimate fitness routine and still nothing happens, will you stop?

Always remember why you started. You have to be mentally prepared with the outcome and don?t ever lose your will to stay healthy and fit.

  • Food Patrol : Is this healthy?

You don?t need to be an expert to be able to determine if the food you eat is healthy or not. We have a common knowledge about the food which is generally unhealthy. To name a few, soda, coffee, margarine, all wheat-based breads, cookies, cakes, fries, chips, gluten-free junk foods, processed meat and most fast food meals are extremely dangerous to your health.

Instead of patronizing these types of food, why not follow 4 Meal plans for Diets. On the other hand, if you aren?t ready yet to follow a diet, you may stick on fruits and green leafy veggies as a start. Included in the list of healthiest foods of all time are avocado, spinach, sprouts, kale, tomatoes and Organic Pastured Eggs.

  • Water: In and Out

Most of us are concerned about the amount of water that we take on a daily basis; the sad thing is we tend to forget the water that comes out of our body. For instance, you might perspire too much from what the body can allow normally. Aside from drinking the prescribed 8-glasses a day, there should be a conscious effort to avoid perspiring too much.

The water that comes out of your body during summer and the water that comes out when you exercise are entirely different. Perspiration caused by guided exercise routine is healthy, but the preceding is not.

  • Exercise : Commitment Matters

Whether you are under the supervision of a licensed gym instructor or under your self-help exercise manifesto, the commitment to keep going is what matters. It doesn?t matter what kind of exercise you are doing, your willingness to do it despite any destructions come first.

Stand up and make a change for yourself.

Ultimate fitness can?t be achieved without considering the above mentioned tips. To sum it up, it all starts with discipline and ends with eagerness to make a change. If you have started getting fit, congratulations; If you haven?t, it is never too late. Your current job or responsibilities should never be hindrance in attaining a healthy and fit body.




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