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What are the abdominal exercises that can flatten your stomach and dissolve belly fat? If you have been asking the same question, we’re here to give you the probable answer…answers rather. To lose fat on your stomach area, you should start with the most basic routines. The complexity of a physical activity does not guarantee ultimate results without understanding the whole concept.?Fat Burning Exercises For You

Fat Burning Exercises For You | Ultimate Fitness 360

Primarily, you have to enlighten yourself about the ideas interrelated with losing or burning fats. In- line with this, you have to know that abdominal muscles are more than just layered packs of whatnot. Abdominal muscles extend from front and back and goes down until your thighs. It is also important to understand the connection of strength training to abdominal exercises. When you lose fat, make sure it gives you strength in return. This is the main reason why you need to have even just a glimpse of comprehension regarding fitness. Further to this, fitness is a serious business and needs full attention. Don’t undergo to any fitness program if you only want to look “cool.” That is not cool.

Here are the basic exercises you can try at home.


A. Planking
B. Jumping Jack
C. Side Crunch
D. Dancing

Friendly Reminder : People with cardiovascular conditions or any related illness must consult their physician first before getting engaged with any fitness activity or program. The goal is to help you be healthier and not to worsen your condition. Having a warm up activity is a must.

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Engaging your muscles while doing this activity is what you can expect. To begin, do a planking position and make sure your legs and arms are stretched enough to feel the pressure on your abdominal area. Don’t let your body sag on the floor as you hold your hands directly under your shoulders. Press firmly back through your heels and draw your abdominal muscles inward. Hold your position for 60 seconds initially and then have a quick rest for 30 seconds. For the next round, hold your position for two to three minutes. Take a quick rest again. You may repeat this routine for three to five times, as long as your body can handle the pressure.

You can intensify your game a bit by adding an exercise ball. The challenge would be keeling your muscles engaged while the ball stays in front of you. To make this happen, do the planking position with the exercise ball placed between your stomach and the ground. Raise your arms and your thighs. As much as you can, don’t let the ball roll either sideward or forward. Hold your position for one to two minutes. Balancing yourself ?on the ball will put pressure on your belly.

Jumping Jack

The traditional jumping jack could pump up your way in losing belly fat. It is an activity that requires full body attention and every core of your muscles get hyped. All you have to do is to jump with legs and arms spread out. When you land on the floor, make sure that you are still standing straight. Your muscles get trained slowly but surely when you make it as a rule to keep your body straight all the time. Also, when you extend your arms and legs to their full potential, force is applied to awaken your muscles. This routine may get you breathe fast, thus, never forget to conduct breathing exercises in between. To add a little spice, carry the lightest weight while jumping.

Side Crunch

Conducting crunches daily is proven to keep your body in shape and in sculpting your abdominal area. With greater force applied on your tummy, fat won’t stay and may never visit again. In performing this activity, it is recommended to use a floor mat in order to avoid scratches on the skin. Crunches continue to evolve which led to the much challenging routine – the side crunch. Nothing too fancy, just start with your usual crunches for three to five minutes. Then, from your crunch position, move to your side. With arms and legs extended, begin bending your body. When you bend, your elbows should touch your knees. For first timers, it is advisable to do this gradually. Go back to your original position with a straight body. Do the same act on the other side. You may repeat it for four times on each side for ten minutes. This exercise can be done anytime of the day as long as your body is physically fit to make such movements. It can be added to your designed fitness program if you already have one.


You might have heard how hooked the adults with the phenomenal zumba class. Zumba is created ?to make exercising more fun and engaging. It comprises of simple and yet effective steps to losen fats all over your body. Don’t ever think that it is only for women- it is for everyone. Adult stage is very crucial. It is the time of your life wherein you tend to move less. It could be either you are stuck somewhere else or you are still seated on a chair for eight hours. By the time you get home, all you wanted is to rest. Now, zumba has been considered as a recreational activity while providing benefits both physically and socially. The more movements you make, the more chances of losing unwanted fats.

Moreover, dancing can be paired to basic boxing steps. For instance, you may punch and then move sideward or forward. Make your own combination to make each movement even more enjoyable. If you are still undecided on what type of exercise you would like to pursue, then, you can start your day by making simple movements and grooving in the tune of your favorite song. Do it at your home or in your room specifically. Dance the way you like it and lose fat while there’s a way to do it. Shake and shake those fats off.

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There’s nothing to be afraid of when you take new paths as long as you know for whom you are doing it – and this time it is absolutely for you. Everything takes time, but it makes a big difference if you start now.

Consult your fitness guru now and start building the healthier you.