Building Your Workout Routine


Workout Routine

In this contemporary time, you get full access of various tips and exercise around the corner. You even get advises from your friends and co-workers on how to stay fit or what to avoid to achieve that jaw dropping muscles and physique.

But here?s the challenge, no matter what you do, you are always back to the square one. It seems nothing works for you and you just waste your time with these useless routines. In the worst case, you only get sprains and other types of injuries at the end of the routine.


Hassle, Yes? The reality is you don?t just engage yourself in a routine without getting to know your own body type. It may be true that these workouts can lead you in having those eye-getter abs and flexible biceps, but, what if, this is not what you exactly need?

One way to solve this dilemma is to consult your fitness instructor firsts; however, not everyone has the luxury to spend time in the gym and burn hours with those prescribed equipment. What to do now? Build your own routine.

Creating your own exercise program is your advantage because you know exactly your body type and what you want to do with it. Instead of getting advices from a list of friends, which by the way may give you mix suggestions that can lead to confusion in the latter, do your own research. There are available chest workout routines, abs exercises and shoulder strength activities even outside the gym.

Now, here are the tips on building your own workout routine.

Check Your Availability

Any exercise will surely take your time. It will be part of your daily tasks, thus, you have to consider how much time you can actually a lot. Let?s say you are a family man, a housewife, a regular employee or a student, you have to divide your time well that you are going to have a spot for your exercise routine.

If you are occupied during week days, perhaps you can have it during weekends where you can devote more time. If you have a constantly changing schedule, maybe you can have at least 30 minutes on a daily basis, it?s either before or after you sleep. Others tend to do their routine before or after work, showcasing determination.

Types of Exercises

Face a full length mirror and ask yourself what you need to improve. There are four types of exercise, endurance, strength, balance and flexibility.

Endurance routines improve your overall fitness as it keeps your major organs, heart and lungs, healthy and provides immense support in your circulatory system. The activities may include brisk walking, mowing, raking and dancing or the routines that typically increase your heart and breathing rate.

Balance exercises are recommended for those 30 and above as it promote the maintenance of equilibrium until old aged. Some of the suggested routines are heel-to-toe walk, standing on one foot position and leg swings. Studies show that controlled wobble activities can activate deep core muscles and tighten your midsection over time.

Strength routines are commonly addressed as the strength trainings or resistance trainings as they make your muscles stronger while enhancing your muscle and bone mass. Not only that, strength exercise can reduce body fat and burn calories effectively, causing healthier way of losing weight. Some of the routines you can do are weightlifting, goblet squat, split squat, lateral squat, push up, hip extension and dumbbell row.

Flexibility exercises generally make your body more limber and let you have the liberty to move, doing physical activities with no worries at all. Most of flexibility routine involves stretching, such as shoulder and upper arm stretch, calf stretch and the trendy yoga.

Whatever routine, you may choose, you must remember to perform warm up prior to the actual exercise. If you feel too much pain, you can always take a rest between each routine.

Specific Points

Aside from choosing the types of exercise you want to do, you can actually be more specific in which body part would you want to enhance.

For instance, if you want to have a broader chest, shoulders and triceps, you may do overhead press, bench press and dumbbell press. To train the triceps, you can try dips where you hold your body arm?s length as your arms are locked above the bars and you gradually lower yourself downward. The most recommended for upper body enhancement is push up since it can increase muscle definition and protect the shoulders from injuries. You can?t easily determine which chest workout routines may work, but starting with the traditional ones may lead you to the right ones.

In case your target is your abs and lower back, you can try different types of crunches, planks, hanging leg raise and mountain climbing. You can also perform abdominal hold, squat thrust with twist and ballet twist.

Others may you to have better butt and hamstring, the perfect exercise for this would be deadlifts and straight leg deadlifts, but you can also have hip raises and good mornings step ups. For those who want to enhance biceps, the best thing to do is pull-up. As you pull your body up and down to a bar, you gain strength and muscle build-up in your muscle that lies in the upper arm between the shoulder and the elbow.


Before you accomplish anything, you have to swallow massive determination and perseverance. Any workout routine will not work if you easily get lost from your initial goal. Everything takes time. You only need to be persistent and consistent with your actions to reach the finish line satisfied and fulfilled. You can always start with basic exercises and as time goes by, you can jump to the more intense ones. Make sure you are doing this for yourself and not only because you want to impress someone. This is your body and you have to keep it healthy and fit at all cost. Have you ever wondered what a simple change can do for you?

If you have your exercise routine now, try to make it better. If you haven?t had the time to formulate your own, it?s not too late, do it now. Get your ultimate fitness goal and smile for yourself. You got this. Believe in yourself.



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