The Ultimate Chest Workout Routine You Can Do At Home in 15 Minutes


So you wanna build your chest up. The problem is, you don?t have a fancy gym membership, not to mention much free time. You need a chest workout routine, but you?re not sure where to start.

Does this sound like you?

Well, then this workout is going to be right up your alley.

Our ultimate chest?workout routine is made up of simple, yet effective bodyweight moves that will help you build up a toned and muscular chest. No equipment necessary! All you need are 15 minutes and the drive to succeed.


Trust me, you?re going to love the results.

So enough talking ? let?s get to it!

The Ultimate Chest Workout Routine

Here?s a breakdown of the five?chest workout routine exercises you?ll be completing in this workout.?Remember, you need?to maintain correct form throughout these exercises to avoid injury!

That?s why it?s important for you to understand what muscles each exercise works. That way, you?ll be able to tell if you?re doing the exercise right!

1. Classic?Push-Ups (2 mins.)

If you?re wondering how to build up chest muscle, look no further than the no-frills, classic push-up. It may seem clich?, but that?s because it works. In fact, a study by the American Council On Exercise found that the standard push-up is the most effective chest exercise that doesn?t require any gym equipment.

The traditional push-up targets your entire pectoralis major. The other major muscles in play include your triceps, deltoids, abdominals, and biceps.

Your pectoralis major is a thick, palm-shaped muscle that attaches to the head of the?humerus bones on either side of the?body. As the muscle extends toward the center of the chest, it splits into two different parts, the clavicular and sternal heads.

The clavicular head is simply the section of?the muscle?which attaches to the clavicle. Likewise, the sternal head is the part of the muscle which attaches to the first six ribs and the face of the sternum.

The reason that push-ups are such an effective strengthening exercise is that they hit every single part of your chest muscle, from the clavicular head to the sternal head. And to specifically target these different sections for maximum benefit, all you have to do is adjust the movement slightly.

How to do it:

Start out in an ordinary plank. Position your arms about should-width apart and put your weight on your toes and palms. Engage your abs in order to maintain a straight spine.

Slowly lower yourself as far as you can without touching the ground, then straighten your arms without locking them. That?s one rep.

Now do as many reps as you can in 30 seconds! Recover for 30 seconds. Do push-ups for another 30 seconds. Then rest for 30 seconds before moving onto the next chest workout routine move.

2. Decline Push-Ups (2 mins.)

The decline push-up is the no-equipment alternative to the incline bench?press. It?s one of the best chest workout routine exercises you can do to target your upper chest at home.

Decline push-ups will help you zero in on the upper part of the chest called the clavicular head, which we talked about earlier.?This will help increase the resistance in this area, which will lead to a stronger upper chest in no time.

Having a well-developed upper chest is the aesthetic vision that many fitness junkies dream of. And if that?s your dream too, you should definitely be including this targeted move in your workout.

How to do it:

You?ll start off in the same position as you did for the classic push-up. However, this time, you should use a box or chair to elevate your feet. Ultimately, you want to be at approximately a 45-degree angle to the floor. Lower and lift, no locked elbows.

Alternate between 30 seconds of push-ups and 30 seconds of recovery time for a total of two minutes.

3. Incline Push-Ups (2 mins.)

This is your home alternative to the decline bench press. It?s a super effective move that targets the sternal head, the lower part of your pectoralis major.

How to do it:

This move is just like a regular push-up, except this time you need to elevate your upper body by placing your hands on a sturdy chair or bench. Carefully lower and lift, focusing on keeping correct form.

Alternate 30 seconds of?exercise?and recovery for two minutes.

4. Wide Push-Ups (2 mins.)

The wide push-up targets?the lower chest,?though it also works out the upper chest gabapentin 300 mg for pain. Widening the distance between your hands will also ensure that you?re working your chest muscles more than your arm muscles.

How to do it:

Position your hands as far apart as you can while still feeling comfortable and controlled. This move really makes your chest muscles work, so if you have to lower your knees in the interest of maintaining form, don?t worry. You?ll still get a good workout.

Alternate 30 seconds of?exercise?and recovery for two minutes.

5. Staggered Hand Push-Ups (2 mins.)

This variation on the classic push-up works both your pectoralis major and minor. The pectoralis minor is a thin muscle located in the upper part of your chest and below the pectoralis major. By targeting this small but important muscle, you will get even more chest definition from this chest workout routine.

Bonus: the staggered position places more torque on your abdominals, so you?ll get a core workout along with your chest workout!

How to do it:

Start in a regular plank, then face one hand toward your feet and place it near your waist. The other hand should have fingers facing toward your nose and be placed a little wider than your shoulder. Make sure you?re keeping good form throughout this move!

Alternate 30 seconds of?exercise?and recovery for two minutes.

And you?re done!

With just 15 minutes, you can complete this equipment-free ultimate chest workout routine and start building the chest muscles you?ve always wanted.

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