Effective Cool-Down Routines After Every Exercise



Not everyone gets to remember conducting cool-down routines after every exercise. In most cases, after a tiring routine that only thing that gets into their mind is to rest. And to rest means to lie down on something very comfortable and wait until the muscle pain subsides. However, that?s not the proper way to do it.

A proper cool-down process keeps you healthy and helps your body to recover from having a strained muscles and fast heart rate. Muscle soreness is caused by lactic acid and other toxins developing into the muscles after strenuous workouts, like chest workout routines. Without a cool down, the soreness might remain for a little while.


There are sports activities that require a cool down, such as cycling and marathon to let your breathing pattern comes back to its normal state. Also, a cool down is designed to allow smooth blood circulation throughout your body.

To prevent any discomfort after a workout, make sure to try any of these cool-down exercises listed below.

Nice Walk

This is a classic and a highly recommended cool-down technique after an exercise. It doesn?t mean having the usual walking activity wherein you target the enhancement of your muscles. A nice walk means, moving slowly, like you are just strolling with your dog at the park. As you work, your worn out muscles gradually turn back to its normal state.


Stretching is not only for warm-up activities, it is also effective after the workout. Start with stretching your legs up to your chest and arms. There are a lot of available stretching positions that you can try. What matters is how your muscles get stretched and loosened up.

Dive in the Pool

If you have sufficient time, then, you might as well try swimming after an intensive workout. Adjust your swimming intensity; just enough to let your muscles move and let the tread of water hit your body. If you can float on the water, you may do it. It brings calmness not only on your body, but also on your mind. If you are on a tight schedule, a quick dip in the pool will do.


The complex stretches you can get from performing yoga can be considered as a great practice for a cool down. Different yoga poses, target specific parts of your body and that?s exactly what you need after an intense exercise. You get to improve your flexibility and loosen up your muscles all at the same time. You had better learn some yoga poses.


You may be tired from the workout, but you can definitely shake your booty and move a bit from the right to the left. It does not necessarily mean you do hip-hop or break dance, just sway a bit and add music on your steps. Enjoy the beat and let your body groove. Dancing also improves your mental functioning and has a wide range of physical activities. It is perfect to do with your partner, friends or family.

Stay active and remember to cool down after exercising!



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