Benefits of Planking



Before bizarre planking position had become sensational, it was already a highly recommended exercise to build isometric strength for your arms, shoulders, hamstrings and back. The plank also targets better waistline and posture, making as one of the best options in body shaping aside from the tiring crunches. As the routine destroys your abs, it strengthens your whole body.

How do you do a simple plank routine?


Starting from the usual plank position, place your toes and forearms on the floor and keep your body straight. Tilt your head a little, make sure it is relaxed, and keep your eyes on the ground. Do not let your stomach drop and just keep your abdominal muscles engaged. Breathe as you hold your position for 10 seconds and then extend it up to 1 minute.

To make it more comprehensive, here are the benefits that you can get from adding planking exercise to your regular routines.

Improvement of Core

Regular plank routines are excellent ways to strengthen your core which can be beneficial to your spine over time. The support that these exercises give to the back and spinal column prevents the occurrence of injuries. Planking be one of the best alternative if you want to skip the typical lower chest workout.

Specifically, the core muscle groups like the transverse abdominis, rectus adbominis, glutes and oblique muscles get enhanced on a regular planking routine. Transverse abdominis is used for weight lifting, thus a better core could help in lifting heavier weights. Oblique muscles increase the ability of the body to bend and twist, fundamentally used in flexibility exercises. Rectus adbominis give you the eye-drooling six-pack abs and commonly the part which most of the athletes improve. Glutes is responsible for the shape of your butt and the support for your back.

Improvement of ?Metabolic Rate

It may sound surprising for some due to lack of movements, but planking routine can help in improving the metabolic rate. The way you hold your position challenges your body and let you burn more calories. Your body actually gives off energy just to make your body steady as you stay in your position. Doing planking for at least a minute on a daily basis ensures that your metabolic rate remains high even when you are doing nothing.

Improvement of Balance and Posture

Obviously, keeping your body in a straight position for 30 to 60 seconds will give you a better posture. At the same time, your balance will be tested as you distribute your weight from your forearms down to your toes.

Strengthening your core will lead to stable posture as the muscles in the abdomen leaves a reflective effect on the muscle conditions of your back, neck, shoulders and chest. As the abdominal muscles get stronger, you also get the balance your body? needs for your daily activities, especially if you perform sports activities.

Improvement of Overall Mood

Imagine holding your position and resting your weight on your toes and forearms. It takes a great amount of patience and perseverance to do this daily. However, if you don?t do this kind of activity and you only stay in the corner, seated all day, there?s a tendency that your muscles and nerves get stressed. To avoid this, make planking exercise a part of your daily routine. You do not only test your attitude, but you also learn how to calm your brain and avoid anxiety or any forms of depression.

Isn?t great?



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