Mastering the Art of Yoga


Art of Yoga

Looking for the best and the most appropriate fitness routine could be difficult at times. Due to the eagerness to bring out the best in you, you tend to neglect other factors and easily jump in an exercise without even considering other options. If you are caught in this scenario, you’d better choose a routine that brings a gradual result, in that case, you will have adequate time to determine what you really want and no time is wasted.

In this context, yoga could be on the top of your list. Yoga is more than an exercise, it is a passion. It touches physical and mental changes of an individual. From the improvement of flexibility, gradual weight loss and development of strength, it can be your way to release stress and achieve calmness within.


Women, especially the not-so-young ones, usually prefer this exercise because it also targets the stamina and improves body alignment to avoid having joint pains in the latter. Further to this, yoga improves one’s self confidence and helps in getting better sleep.

“Yoga” came from a Sanskrit word which means to control or to unite and was eventually translated as the union of spirit and self. As an integral part of Hinduism, it is practiced to attain spiritual enlightenment and now has been connected with the optimum meditation process of other religion practices, from Christianity to Islam up to Buddhism.

This fitness and spiritual routine can be done from a classroom, studio, and gymnasium or even at home. It can also be performed outdoors, provided the area is free from unwanted noise. With its increasing popularity, it can be done through the help of a yoga instructor or sometimes referred as the yoga master. There are also different yoga dvds available in the market if you want to learn and practice it by yourself. However, it is recommended to do it with company.

To make this more comprehensive, here are the points to consider in doing yoga.

Discipline and Attitude

Before anything else, you have to build and practice discipline in your daily routine. From the daily schedule, the preparation and the focus you put in every class, you need discipline to get through with it. You can’t eat like a beggar while doing yoga. You have to understand that you are aiming for something and to be able to get that, you need to sacrifice. You can’t get drunk at night and get wasted, and expect yoga will tone you down.

Additionally, your attitude towards your goal will determine if you are going to get there. Don’t ever compare what others have achieved with yours. Everyone is once a beginner, but it doesn’t mean you will remain on that level forever. Your pose might be different from others at first, but don’t judge your capability to do it right. Your pose might be different from others at first, but don’t judge your capability to do it right. Your yoga journey could be fruitful if you got your own sensible reasons for doing it and let the experience touch your body and soul naturally.

Proper Materials

Similar to the other worthy experience, you have to invest first and expect a smoother path towards your goal. If you can afford, it is advisable to pay attention on the proper clothing and gear used in yoga. If you can’t, you can always improvise, but then again, these things can make you do yoga easier and more effective.

To start off, you will need a yoga mat, preferably 68″ if you stand at most 6 feet. Apart from the perimeter, you need to consider the thickness as a protection in case there’s a sudden press needed on your pose. If you have joint problems, then, the thicker your mat is, the better. Nevertheless, never forget to choose the comfortable ones. In the first place, you are the one who will sit on that.

Next, you will need some yoga props such as straps, blankets, yoga balls, bolsters and blocks & bricks. Some yoga styles will require you to have these materials, basically to hold your position longer and to provide extra support.

The last one would be for your own sanitation. If you are in a routine which will make you sweat from head to toe, then you’d better have a handy towel. Be attentive to your own body, once you perspire extremely, immediately grab your towel to avoid getting colds or flu after. Wiping your sweat right away will also lessen the chance of having a wet mat.

Basic Routines

In a yoga class, the routines could differ depending on the yoga instructor. There are instructors who have a strict system and style in facilitating, but there are also those who would compromise their scheme as the situation calls for it.

That being said, a yoga session typically begins with stretching to prepare your muscles and joints. Then, it can be followed by some breathing exercises to stabilize your breathing pattern and to instigate focus for the whole yoga class. Afterwhich, the warm-up positions are performed, which actually differs depending from what type of yoga routine you would do.

Once your body achieved the required preparation; the yoga instructor will proceed on the yoga positions. Again, the yoga routines may vary on a daily or weekly basis, thus, you might have different result compared to others. Don’t let this blind you. Keep going until you reach your ultimate fitness goal.

The last part would be very necessary – the cool down. The cool-down routines will let your body go back to its original state, after rigid strength trainings such as chest workout routine where you sweat rigorously. This acts as the official seal of any exercise. Never take for granted how a cool-down can help you restore your lost energy during the routine.

Types of Yoga Classes

At the start it might get confusing which yoga class would fit for you. Don’t be. You can start with the beginners and you can change from one class to another over time.

Beginner Class- You can begin your yoga experience with the basic yoga poses such as Chaturanga and Downward-Facing Dog and do the fundamental breathing practices and meditation.

Gentle Yoga -Most of the foundation of yoga routines are learned in gentle yoga classes. The fundamental movements and the primary breathing techniques are well highlighted.

Vinsaya Yoga – In this class, you are going to learn the movements on how to have a proper posture while nurturing proper breathing pattern.

Restorative Yoga – If your target is optimum relaxation, then this is the perfect yoga class for you. After an intense chest workout routine or any other strength exercises, you can engage in this type of yoga classes. Most of the instructors conduct this class in a darkened room with a comfortable blanket that it will almost invite you to sleep, that?s how deep the relaxation could be.

Power Yoga – From the word itself, this type of yoga routine requires power as you do strength-based poses. The movements will really get your sweat out of you.




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