Easiest Fitness Routines You Must Try


Through the years, fitness mentors have developed different training plans which target the strengthening of muscle. A perfect fitness routine does not only improve your appearance, it has to be about the strength that your body gains during and after the training.

Here are the easiest strength routines you must try. Each plan is designed to bring all around wellness.


Stand against the Ball


Position the giant fitness ball behind your back. The ball can be positioned against a wall, preferably or against a tree. As you stand behind the ball, slowly squat and put your hands on your lap. Make sure that your legs and thighs form a right angle as you squat. For the next part, stand slowly without losing the ball behind you and raise your hands. Your feet will be tilted around 35 degrees from the ground.

This routine strengthens your legs and lower back. You can perform this for 16 counts. For the first few days, you might feel a little numbness at the back of your legs. Don?t forget to take a warm up before any workout to avoid sudden muscle pain after.

Sit On the Ball

For the next routine, you will need a dumbbell (the weight of the dumbbell depends on you) and a giant fitness ball. Sit straight on the giant ball, it means your thighs must be parallel to the ground. Hold the dumbbell, with your palms facing you. Next, extend your arms upward, with your palms facing forward. Reverse this routine and make sure you remain on your sitting position and the ball must be steady.

Apparently, this strength drill targets your biceps and your shoulders simultaneously. But there?s more, keeping the ball steady also tests your balance. The routine can be done in 16 counts, however, you can extend it if you want to. When you feel soreness of muscle, you need to stop and just have it on another day.

Feet on the Ball

The last strength exercise also needs a giant fitness ball and a dumbbell. Again, you can have the desired weight of the dumbbell- what matters here is your capability to carry it. On the other hand, it is advised that the dumbbell should not be too heavy or too light. There are sets of adjustable dumbbells on various sports centers and these can be useful especially if you spend most of your time at home.

Lie down on the ground (If you are indoor, use a mat) and put your feet on the ball at a right angle. Hold your dumbbells together just above your chest. And then spread your arms. Next, put together the dumbbells again, this time position them above your head. Afterwards, spread your arms.

While doing the routine, keep the ball steady. This routine targets the strength of your chest and your triceps. As recommended, you can do it for 16 counts.

Strength training leads to weight loss efficiently and then to a healthy body. You may consult your fitness instructor to know the most appropriate equipment for your body type. You can also look for a specific strength program to get better results.



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