Effective Yoga Workout to Keep You Fit


?Yoga a Good Workout?

Effective Yoga Workout to Keep You Fit.?Certainly not only a stress reliever, but most importantly a strength builder ? that?s what yoga brings to the body in exchange of stretch and sweat wrecking sessions. No question, yoga can be considered as a good workout among the high rated and well-known routines popular in the present fitness hype. Further, yoga has been valuable with a number of advantages it provides for all age brackets with greater focus on mental and physical well-being.

Yoga, in the midst of evolution and innovation, has been part of the fitness regimen of the health enthusiasts. There?s an imaginable results after undergoing a series of sessions, touching significant fitness aspects such as muscle mass, cardiovascular and weight loss.

Experience The Benefits of ?Yoga Workouts and Poses


There are different types of yoga?workout introduced in each class and one of the most popular among the starters is the hatha yoga. This type of yoga targets the improvement of one?s strength, endurance, balance and flexibility in a profound manner. According to the researchers from the American Council on Exercise, having an hour of Hatha yoga for three days in a week can bring significant improvement in abdominal and chest strength remarkably. The area around the chest and abdominal gain endurance as six more push-ups and 14 curl-ups are added at the end of each yoga class.

Strength, flexibility, balance and endurance can be achieved with this basic yoga poses class which can be a great advantage in your daily routines. On the other hand, should you want bigger and more noticeable muscles; you better consider other exercises such as weight and triceps trainings.


Neuromotor Development

Consistent yoga training develops the neuromotor section of the body. For at least two to three classes a week, you can achieve the recommended 30 minutes of neuromotor exercise and contraceptive training by the American College of Sports Medicine. Should you keep up on your scheduled yoga classes, you lessen the chance of having injuries while performing other trainings and you also get the chance do your daily physical tasks better and stronger.

Weight Management

Based on the studies of the American Council on Exercise, yoga can burn approximately 3 to 6 calories per minute which equates to 180 to 360 calories in 60 to 90 minutes for one session. Intense workout using a kettlebell normally can burn 13 to 17 calories in a minute and can be extended for more than 800 calories in an hour.

Yoga, obviously, is made to cut those unhealthy fats and helps you attain the normal weight. The weight loss would depend on how intense each routine gets or how much effort you exert as you stretch out your muscles from head to toe. In this sense, Astanga class would be highly recommended while Hatha should be at the bottom of your choice.

Typical Environment.

As you age, yoga can help you achieve normal weight despite the daily temptations around your typical environment. A research headed by the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center suggested at the age of 45, having a regular yoga exercise can cut 3 pounds after ten years in comparison to the non-yoga attendees. ?In the case of the overweight, they can lose 5 pounds in comparison to the people who fails to undergo in a yoga class. Studies explain that the mental discipline attained in performing yoga can be practiced in choosing healthier food.


Does Yoga Really Burn Fat?

Yoga started as an activity to bring out inner peace within the body, but its function is modified as its other benefits are discovered in the past few decades. American women have associated yoga in achieving sculpted muscles, bringing this physical activity in the limelight. The movements and or poses in yoga only requires low intensity of force to be accomplished, and now the question that lingers is, does it really burn fat?

Understand the Relevance of Yoga

To fully understand the relevance of yoga in burning fats, let?s go in depth with the experience of a yoga student who went in India. This country in Asia has been known in practicing different meditation activities with the influence of its religion. Travelling all the way from America, the student went into a yoga studio where cows even wandered along the road. Aside from the refreshing banks of the Ganges, the foothills of the Himalayas in front of the studio added in the mesmerizing view.

The American yoga student considered herself as one of the enthusiasts of the activity. It was her priority to join a yoga class after she felt a calling over the past year. She loved the cozy vibe of the studio and being told to fluff her armpits as well as breathing through her eyeballs. Yoga made her feel taller, lighter, balanced and even ?less homicidal.? After series of bending, twisting and balancing, she could address herself as a rock star as she felt great and more positive.

Historical Traces of Yoga

Back to the studio in India, she welcomed herself around the ashramites in flowing rocks while feeling the historical traces of yoga. She thought of quitting her gym class for good if she could have a substantial yoga experience in the area.

While seated on her purple mat, eyes closed and legs crossed, she followed every command of the instructor in the studio. From standing up, reaching the sky and touching her toes, she did what she was told to as truthful as she could. When she opened her eyes, she saw a small Indian woman in a hot pink sweat suit who was standing on the platform.

Repeat the Movements

The instructor told them to repeat the movements for 21 times, followed by lunges, 21 counts to each side. Surprisingly, they had the same number of reps for each activity ? opening and closing of eyes, swivelling to the left and to the right and so on. The activity was already consuming her whole body, far from what she envisioned when she arrived. Her heart rate was increasing and she was sweating, but it was like a torture on her perspective.

Prior to her visit in India, she read a report from the American Council on Exercise and found out that yoga had boosted strength, endurance, balance and flexibility of a group of young women. The yoga class was merely only Hatha, a mellow type of yoga which involves 5 minutes of breathing and relaxation, 10 minutes of sun salutations, 35 minutes of different yoga poses and 5 minutes of cool down pose. For 55 minutes for three times per week in two and a half months, the yoga class boosted their cardiovascular health. In another report from Dean Ornish, M.D, an internal medicine specialist, he claimed that relaxation of benefits of yoga plays a significant role in avoiding heart diseases.

Power Yoga

Elsewhere, John P. Pocari , an exercise physiologist at University of Wisconsin?s Human Performance Lab, concluded that 50 minutes of Power Yoga can burn 240 calories, approximately 93 more than the mellow Hatha yoga. Power yoga is composed of a warm up by moving in a fast pace and followed by a series of poses which must be held for a long time.

Moves Quickly

Aside from Hatha and Power Yoga, Vinsaya has been popular among young women in America. The student had been performing this type of yoga. It helped her achieve a chill attitude while she moves quickly from one pose to another, nothing much related to weight loss. Mike Mejia, C.S.C.S., a Women’s Health advisor and personal trainer on Long Island, New York, noted that flow yoga was much more related to circuit training; thus, it can be integrated to strength training but not enough to increase metabolic rate.

Yoga has a lot of benefits to the human body, but it has its shortcomings. It is better to do it on a regular basis or combine it with other trainings. This activity may not be able to contribute immensely to weight loss, but one thing for sure, it?s a good start.

Why is Yoga Good for your Health?

For the past decades, yoga classes have been notable as an effective way to facilitate learning, however, it has begun to touch a deeper sense ? it has become a way of life effortlessly. It has modified how overall fitness has been tackled with better attention on physical and mental well-being. The result? More than 15 million people around the globe , and still continuously increasing, jumped in this lifestyle. Yoga calls for the genuine dedication to perform meditation techniques alongside with the discipline for eating habits and social interaction.

Yoga Pose Targets

Each yoga pose targets specific muscle and brings mental composure. These poses may strengthen arms and legs, normalize blood pressure, improves digestion and calm your brain. While doing backbends, inversions, standing postures and seated twists, you receive significant benefits for your body.

Here are the reasons why yoga is good for your health:

  1. Increase Flexibility

    Muscles are stretched properly under a yoga class. The class will gradually stretch your muscle tissue and increase the range of motions of your joints. As a result, you can move freely no matter how tight your muscles when you started.

  2. Strengthens Your Body

    With proper instructions and execution, yoga can strengthen your upper body, leg muscles and lower back. However, the effect can be on the entire body, provided the poses are consistent and practised profoundly. There are yoga poses which target specific muscle groups, thus, if you have certain area you wish to improve, relay your intentions to your instructor.

  3. Lowers Blood Pressure

    The meditation and calming sessions during yoga helps in maintaining lower blood pressure or for some instance regularizing it. This activity is also linked in lowering the cholesterol rate and in improving the breathing pattern. At the end each consistent session, your heart rate and breathing pattern are normalized.

  4. Better Posture

    Yoga routines let your body gain muscle tone and strength after the course of every session. As you maintain your weight and become more flexible, your abdominal and back muscles let you stand straighter and taller without any pain.

  5. Weight Loss at Its Best

    After suffering on different poses beautifully and stretching your muscles until you become flexible, you may not notice but you will eventually lose weight. The mental discipline to change for the better will help you to look better and dismiss the negative insights in losing weight.

  6. Reduce Injuries

    When your body is flexible, there?s a huge probability of moving freely, therefore, injuries are most unlikely to experience. One of the main disciplines of yoga is attaining balance; therefore, unnecessary movements on daily physical activities can be avoided.

  7. Improves Vision in Life

    When you undergo yoga classes, you can have a more optimistic perception about life and its challenges. The meditation process helps you in dismissing all the negative thoughts and lowers your stress level. After each session, you will feel relaxed, focused and much more positive than ever.

Is Yoga a Good Exercise?

A physical activity doesn?t need to be always intense to bring good results. There are types of routines which are made simple and yet beneficial ? for instance, yoga. Yoga can be referred as a simple activity or warm up exercise for some but it can actually do a lot for the body and fat burning ways. Lately, traditional forms of exercise are given some spice to level up the effects without compromising the level of intensity required to complete the routines.

A regular practice of yoga can reduce the signs and in some cases the occurrence of diseases such as heart failure, hypertension, arthritis, headaches, depression and even some types of cancers. Although, yoga is very much mellow compared to other strength training programs, its benefits can?t be neglected nor ignored by the fitness enthusiasts.

Effect of Yoga

In one of the researches of Dr. Tiffany Field, director of the Touch Research Institute at the University of Miami School of Medicine, she described the effect of yoga as putting you in a parasympathetic state, so your heart rate goes down and blood pressure goes down. This significant implication of yoga in our circulatory system shows how the simple movements, like bending and stretching, can do so much for our body.

Benefits of Yoga

Exploring the benefits of yoga, Field concluded that the types and varieties of movement used in yoga can stimulate pressure receptors in the skin. This scenario can intensify the brain and body?s vagal activity which may decrease the production of the stress hormones like cortisol. Anatomically, the vagus nerve connects the brain to several body organs and responsible for the release of the aforementioned hormones. Further to this, the increase in vagal activity stimulates the release of the hormone responsible in regulating the mood, sleeping patterns and appetite.

Field Stressed

Overall, Field stressed why yoga has been tied in having healthier heart, reducing stress, improving mood, quelling appetite and helping to sleep more soundly. Yoga can be simply as good as other activities like running and swimming.

In another study conducted from Seattle?s Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center, the relevance of yoga in weight loss was explained. Middle aged people who do yoga for at least once a week reduced 3 pounds while the overweight ones gained 5 fewer pounds in comparison to those non-attendees who even acquired 13 pounds.

The number of weight loss might not be that big, however, it?s a good start. On the other hand, the weight loss should not be the sole focus, the flexibility and the strength attained after each class is more important. With proper diet and combination with other exercises, yoga can be great for your body.

What Happens To Your Body When You Start Doing Yoga?

Researchers have been putting undeniable effort in searching for the most beneficial physical activity for the human body. In their vigorous effort, aerobic routines were found to be the closest and most relevant on their listings. As what the reports would infer, aerobic exercise supports the regularization of heart and breathing rates which could be the main concerns in identifying the advantages of a certain routine or physical program.

In search for relevant exercises, yoga came up on the list and has been related to lower risks of heart failures, improvement of mood, normalizing sleep patterns and better decision-making. The discovery of the benefits that yoga can offer opens doors for what else it can run for the human body.

Interest in Yoga

In relation to the abovementioned interest in yoga, a group of researchers from the University Of Maryland School Of Nursing came up with a comparative analysis of 81 studies which focused on the essential benefits of yoga and aerobic exercises in 2010. The study showed that yoga was much more effective in reducing stress. However, the highlight of the research explained that yoga was a better choice in terms of strengthening your muscles, flexibility, reducing pain among adults and proper handling of menopausal signs. Yoga makes a huge difference as well in sustaining daily energy level, improving balance and in balancing one?s regular occupation functioning plus other related matters.


Researcher Alyson Ross, MSN, RN expressed how surprised was the team on the result of the studies. According to her statement, they played around with the studies, making tables grouping the studies in a variety of ways. Also, when they sorted them by exercise and yoga side-by-side, it became apparent that they were on to something.

From the analysis of the researchers, it can be infer that yoga is a valuable exercise and it can help in weight loss with other benefits such as an effective stress reliever and?weight loss tips.

Yoga As an Exercise

After conducting the studies, yoga isn?t a warm-up activity or a flexibility starter alone, it is an exercise which can bring substantial benefits and can be enjoyed especially by the adults and young career women. It must be one of the options of the fitness enthusiasts and must be included in anyone?s fitness programs, amateur or professional. Ross even noted that yoga seems to be able to provide many physical benefits as it touches both exercise and meditation. Take it from the expert; don?t miss the opportunity to achieve better.

Yoga for Weight Loss

The relevance of meditation and discipline implemented during yoga classes were found to be one of the major factors which can help in weight loss. Based on the explanation of Ross, the evidence suggested that chronic diseases led to changes in food-seeking behaviour, including the increased consumption of foods high in sugar and fat, which may lead to obesity. Where?s the role of yoga? As the individual experiences lesser stress, there?s a lesser probability to look for unhealthy food, thus, lesser chance of turning into an obese.

Beneficial, Exciting

All exercises can be beneficial, exciting and cheap at the same time. It depends on what and how would you like to change. If one exercise doesn?t work for you, it?s either you are doing it all wrong or it might not be the one for your body type. Should you choose yoga, it doesn?t follow that you disregard walking, swimming, running. Again, all exercises are beneficial but perhaps, you may want to see what happens to your body when you start doing yoga.


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