How to Lose Weight in 30 Days


Losing weight in a month could be tricky and may sound so surreal for some, but it can actually happen if you have the right formula. Your formula depends on how much you know and how much you are willing to do to make everything work. A lot of fitness enthusiast fails to accomplish their initial goals due to lack of appropriate knowledge on the matter. Thus, we are giving you all the necessary information to help you lose weight in 30 days,?click here?now.?How to Lose Weight

How to Lose Weight in 30 Days

These are the factors that you need to know to come up with your own fitness formula and to understand every aspect of it.


Metabolism is considered to be the greatest weight-loss driver. As the experts would say, it is the chemical reactions that occur in your body?s cell, from converting food into fuel. The reaction and/or conversion uses energy, thus the body needs to burn calories all the time even if you are asleep. However, the basal metabolic rate (BMR), which is the number of calories a person can burn differs. From the typical 60 to 70 percent, variables such as age, body condition, weight and height affect someone?s BMR.

That being said, studies recommend speeding up the BMR to burn more calories and to lose weight effectively. One of the best ways to increase daily caloric burn is to engage in different exercises and -physical activities ? the more you move, the more you burn. Aside from being active, it is advisable to meet your daily protein needs in order burn more calories from your food.


Lose Weight

The thermic effect of activity (TEA) which can be acquired through constant body movements and the thermic effect of food (TEF) which occurs when the body burns calories to digest food are the most important considerations in improving your metabolic rate.


As mentioned above, physical activities are one of the game changers when it comes to weight loss. Anything that requires you to get on your feet and get you muscles moving can be noted as an activity. In short, walking, running, cycling or even doing simple household chores play a vital role in your fitness plan. More so, extreme exercises such as strength training and abs workout take you to the healthier and fitter version of yourself.

Based on the statement released by Shawn Talbott, Ph.D., a nutritional biochemist, muscle could really drive your metabolic rate. While performing any activity, your muscle becomes metabolically active. In engaging with physical activities or exercises, you do not only lose belly fat, you can actually gain muscle mass. Gaining muscle mass could either be really hard or very simple. It is just a matter of perspective, join the lean belly breakthrough and lose weight in 30 days.

Weight loss can be initially seen on how you look physically and starts on you tummy. People tend to rate how fat you are based on how bulge your belly has become. Given this unfortunate notion, you must target your belly fat immediately and you can do it through the basic abs exercises.

Here are the standard ab workouts you can try at home

Push Up ? Many fitness enthusiasts never fail to include push up on their fitness program. The reason is very simple, it involves full body movement, giving your body more chances to burn calories and to achieve toned muscles. To add a little spice, you may lift one leg before you walk your hands out and back. In this way, you can effectively incorporate resistance to strengthen your entire core.

Side Planking ? As you put your weight loss game on the next level, you better take a step forward on the exercises that you get engaged with. Almost similar to the traditional planking, side planking makes your body support your entire body weight on two points of contact instead of the usual four. This will work your core harder to stay stabilized. The more you get to stabilize yourself, the more satisfying results you can have.

Alligator Walk ? This ab exercise burns extra calories as you drag yourself along the floor. As you keep yourself stable, you also strengthen your core. These are two effective combinations to get faster and satisfying results. As you walk yourself forward with your hands to the end of the runway, you may lose belly fat and uncover amazing abs. Hooray for that toned and flat stomach!


While your head is on how you look from the outside, you must not forget what you put inside. Many fails on their fitness plan when food temptation strikes. You may be physically active, but then again as mentioned above, the metabolic rate is affected by the food intake of an individual.How to Lose Weight.

As you age, you have to alter your lifestyle and that includes your choice of food. Avoid foods high in carbohydrate and sugar as it affects your blood sugar. Of course, the body needs carbs, but there has to be a balance intake. Choose complex carbohydrates and learn to mix it with protein-rich food to stabilize your blood sugar. Science explains that when blood sugar goes down, your brain convinces you to eat more. And the worst case would be skipping your meals and ending up overrating to make up for the past meal. That is definitely unhealthy! This is the main reasons why having small but frequent meals has become popular among fitness lovers now.

Drinking a lot of water also saves the day and highly suggested for those who desperately want to lose weight. Having enough water in your body fastens all the processes it needs to accomplish, from digestion to balancing your metabolic rate. Being fully hydrated also supports your body when you perform an exercise as it keeps you replenished. There are super drinks available in the market which claims to keep you hydrated, but there?s nothing better than water. Just to add, when you get hungry your body does not always need food, sometimes it only craves for water. Before grabbing something to eat, try drinking first.?How to Lose Weight

Learn the new magic trick on how to lose belly fat the easy way. Stay fit and have the transformation you want and join the Lean Belly Breakthrough.

Who doesn?t want to lose weight and be healthy to change your anyway? It?s time perspective and see the brighter side of life. Move and eat for a healthier you. Join now and start your 30-day challenge now!




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