How to Improve Your Posture


Having a good posture can make you look longer nad straighter. It can also boost your confidence as you improve your physical appearance. Many women prefer routines which highlight the attainment of proper posture while men in the modelling industry engage in these types of activities have similar goals.

Whether it is essential on your job or you are only too conscious of how you look on their eyes, it doesn?t call for too many to reasons to pay attention on your posture. Anyway, it was never a sin to take good care of yourself both in and out.

Here are the basic methods or pointers that you can consider in order to improve your posture.


Stand Straight

It might be demanding to always stand straight without looking too proud, but it can be one of the most effective ways to have a good posture all the time. Whether you are waiting on your turn at the counter or waiting for someone in the mall, make a conscious effort to stand as straight as you can. To do this, you may keep your shoulders relaxed and make sure to maintain certain comfort. You can gently pull in your stomach and observe proper breathing. It also helps to let your feet hip-width apart and balance your weight. Don?t tilt your head too high to avoid appearing boastful. You only need to keep in mind that your head is balanced on your neck.

No to Slouching

A good seated posture has to be practiced to improve not only your entire posture but most especially it targets the relaxation of your back. An active attention on your posture is needed when you work for 8 hours in the office. In most cases, there?s a tendency that you would slouch when every little thing seems to be pretty hard and complicated. To avoid such scenario, keep your feet on the floor and sit back on your chair. It is also suggested to use? a pillow behind your lower back and footrest to keep your knees leveled with your hips.

Loosen Up

Anyone who gets bombarded with work will eventually have poor appearance and unhealthy lifestyle. There is no better way to cure this than to perform stretching and walk around your workplace. Ideally, the stretching does not have to be the hard ones ? start with extending your arms and moving your neck from left to right. If you have enough space, you can walk for five minutes just to loosen your muscles and clear your mind temporarily. You can also change your position in your chair once in a while.

Conduct Regular Exercise

Never forget to have regular exercise routine if you want to improve your posture. You can have wall exercise wherein you stand against a wall with feet slightly apart. Lift your chin and let your head touch the wall. You may hold the position until you feel the comfort rushing from your shoulders down to your lower back.

After the warm up, try flexibility exercises such as yoga and pilates which can extremely improve your posture as well. Strengthen your core and stretch out your muscles on a weekly basis. You can also add sit ups, push-ups and planking on your workout plan if you wish to tone the muscles at the back.



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