Introduction To Circuit Training


Circuit Training

It takes guts to be fit and it takes an ample of determination to keep going. The same notion is applied in choosing to do circuit training. This type of routine is usually overlooked due to its huge requirement of force which makes trainees give up easily. It is often associated with weightlifting in terms of the full body effect it brings.

upper chest exercises


Basically a circuit is a completion of the listed exercises in a program which involves strength training and high-intensity aerobic routines. The trainee is required to complete the first circuit, take a short rest and jump to another circuit. For instance, the initial circuit would be squats, followed by step ups and then jogging. It is important to note the speed of the movement to test the capability of the trainee to perform the remaining circuit.


The concept of circuits targets mainly aerobic fitness and endurance over time. As it increases your strength and it lets your body burn a lot of calories. Others tend to focus solely on aerobic exercise, but you can always combine it with a muscle strengthening activity. Experts suggest that in completing? a circuit class, you should have at least 15 to 20 minutes of aerobic exercise on a daily basis. Doing strength training and aerobic activities separately have different effect on your body.


The types of activities under this training may vary from the result that you want to achieve. One thing for sure, circuit is not for the weak ones. Although you can develop strength, the initial competence of the trainee for a hard core routine must be taken into consideration. Not everyone can adapt easily in the power requirement of circuits, so it is better to consult a fitness expert or if you have the budget enroll in the nearest gym to be guided accordingly.

Note: The pacing and duration for each circuit would depend on you, just don?t forget to do a quick rest before shifting to another. Basic circuits usually have 10 exercise stations and each station may require 10 to 25 reps which can be finished in four minutes. All the stations are completed in 30 minutes for beginners and 20 minutes for starters. The targets for the entire routine would be your core, arms, glutes and back.

Here are the recommended circuit for aerobic and strength, but of course you can create your own.

Circuit For Aerobic:

Bench Press


Push Press

Calf Raises

Weighted Pull Ups

Weighted Sit Ups

Jogging / Running

Circuit for Strength:



Bent-over Row

Calf Raises

Military Press

Weighted Sit Ups

General Circuit

??????????????? Upper Body

Inclined Press Up

Bench Dips

Medicine Ball Chest Pass

Pull Ups

Lower Body

Step Ups

Bench Squat

Astride Jumps

Compass Jumps

? Core

Double Crunch

Oblique Crunch

Sit Ups

Bicycle Kicks


Complete Package ? This type of training works on whole body with higher reps of activities, alternating between upper body and lower body.

Age Friendly ? Part of the major considerations in exercising is to make each routine age appropriate. There are types of trainings that are only suited for adults due to the intensity that the activities call for. On the other hand, there are also routines that are performed with low intensity, specially intended for the younger ones. Here?s the best part for circuits, it can be adjusted to suit your age in consideration of your health.

Sports Relevance ? The training program that circuits provide is appropriate for athletes and sports enthusiasts. The wide array of exercises to choose from is beneficial for the training for most of the sports. Athlete?s enthusiasm to sustain the training comes out after the completion of the routines.

Lean Up- You will not look huge by doing the circuit, instead you may look lean. For this reason, body builders usually skip this type of routine. There?s no way that circuit can make them appear bigger.

Conditioning ? In relation to its relevance to sports, circuit can be a perfect tool to condition the body. It improves the fitness level and trains the body to carry on under varying conditions. It is perfect for body composition goals. For some reason, it is also women?s favorite as they combine it with their diet.


Appropriate Equipment ? Unlike the typical exercises, such as sit-ups and squats, there are required equipment (treadmills, seated machine row etc.) ?for some circuit trainings to achieve desired results. This is viewed as one of the disadvantages of this training. The absence of the machines could lessen the competence of the planned circuit. If you are under a strict budget, you better stick to the basic moves. If you want to make it more challenging, you really have to invest.

Ample Space- When you need equipment, you also must have adequate space for them; therefore, you can?t just conduct the routines anywhere. This limits your capability to complete the desired plan and to reach your initial goals.

Health Issues ? The purpose of any exercise is to make you healthy. Nevertheless, hard core exercises are prohibited if you have initial health condition. This training can?t be performed by people who have heart failures and high blood pressure. The trainee might just faint even before completing one circuit. You better consult your doctor first before considering circuit.

Misleading Loss ? Circuit just burn muscle instead of fats if you do a cardio right after. Again, the goal is to lose fats without compromising your muscle mass. Reports show that circuit may break down muscle proteins if you overdo it.

The best training program can?t be identified easily. After all the series of recommended routines, you might get confused which one really works perfectly. However, there?s a way to put that notion down. Remember, you need a training which suits your body type and catches your interest. Start at your level and gradually shift on the challenging ones. Keep the desire to achieve your initial goal and make time no matter hard and disappointing it might get.



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