A perfect chiseled six pack abs might look hard to achieve if you happen to be at the starting point. It might appear like a distant dream of yours in the beginning.

Don?t you worry, here are the list of 10-minute abdominal workouts which targets all the muscles of the core. Remember to perform each routine for 10 minutes on a daily basis alongside with enough time to rest and proper diet.



In order to perform this workout, you have to lie down and bend your knees forming an acute angle. Put your arms above your head and straightened them up. Make sure that your arms are extended wherein you are going to feel greater pressure on the upper region of your tummy. Perform the traditional crunch slowly.

If you are not a traditionalist, you can perform the reverse crunch instead. Similarly, lie down and place your hands behind your head. Next, put your knees together and slowly bend them forming a right angle. You can keep your feet together or you just let them crossed. Then, push your legs up and lower them without touching the ground. At this point, you are going to feel the contraction of your abs as you push your hips off the floor. Unlike the traditional crunch, the reverse workout targets the lower part of your tummy.


When it comes to sit-ups, you choose the variety of styles such as the Janda and the Frozen sit ups. For Janda, you have to lie down and bend your knees together. Place your arms behind your head and perform the ordinary sit up. Make sure to keep your ?heels on the floor steady while doing this routine. In that case, you will feel the contraction of your hamstring. Experts suggest that more contraction on your hamstring may disengage your hip flexors which can make the muscles on your stomach work harder.

For Frozen sit ups, lie down on the floor and outstretch your arms and legs. Slightly lift your hands and legs, at this point your body will form an acute angle or a V angle. Hold your posture for a while and then go back to your original position. As you push your upper body and your legs higher, the muscles on your stomach contract, both upper and lower regions.


From the traditional planking position, slowly lift your body off the floor.? Place your hands and feet together. At this point will hands, which are extended past your shoulders, and your toes, which are against the ground, will hold your weight. Make sure to keep your back straight while in this position and try to breathe as normal as you can. This routine targets the deepest layer of your abdominal muscle.



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