Three Simple Moves with Resistance Bands


Strength Training

Whether you believe it or not, there are amazing things that resistance bands can do for you to meet your fitness goals. Without sounding too confident, resistance bands belong to your fitness-tools must have. It may not be too obvious for some, but band users tend to exercise more and mirrors functional training.

Pull Squat

Anchor the resistance band around a firm and stable post. The post must withstand the force once you pull the band. Stand straight a meter away from the post. Reach for the band, hold each handle firmly. Then, pull the band and squat. It is important to keep your legs a foot apart and keep your body straight when you squat. Your thighs should be parallel to the floor, forming a right angle from your butt, down to your feet. Each of your arms must be placed each of your sides.


In case your arms are not extended when you pull the band, adjust your distance from the post. To go back to your original position, jump as you stand back. This routine can tone your legs, butt and abdominal area. With the right amount of pressure on your arms, your shoulders can be shaped as well.

Lift Leg

First thing first, stand straight with the resistance band looped on your right foot. Let your left hand hold firmly the handles of the band. Your feet should be apart. Here?s the where your flexibility will be tested. As the band is looped around your feet, raise your leg around one foot from the ground. Don?t let your body curve; just keep the pressure on your shoulders.

If raising your feet one foot from the ground is no sweat for you, challenge yourself by lifting your feet higher. Do the same thing with your other feet. You can hold the position for 16 counts, and then switch to the other leg.

Bow Down

Step on the middle of the resistance band, with feet a foot apart. Hold the handles and stand straight. Keep your hands just above your hips while pulling the band. Slowly bow down and this time place your hands above your band. You should be forming a right angle from head to toe when you bow down. Go back to your original position and do the routine again for 16 counts.

For better results, try to stand with feet wider and pull the band higher. Apparently, the target of this routine would be your shoulders and your triceps receives attention specifically.

Resistance bands work incredibly as it builds up constant tension while performing the entire routine. More muscles are worked out which in turn converts into more muscle fibers and hastens growth. These bands are affordable and portable; therefore, you must have one at your home.

Give it a try!



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