Workout Food You Must Try


A workout or an exercise routine would not be complete without a proper diet. As you engage in rigorous workout, you must be attentive with the food you are allowed to eat, unless you don?t want to end successful with your ultimate fitness goal. Thanks to the technology, the availability of the highly nutritious and ready-to-eat training food has never been this wide.

Your food intake before and after your workout is very crucial, especially in terms of the amount. It appears that, it is not all about fruits and veggies only. Healthy and healthful food and drinks has become available right before your eyes to help you get fit by the book.

Before You Workout

Muscle loss is possible, whether you work with an empty stomach or not. However, it becomes unhealthy because your body is forced to burn the same amount of fat with or without food intake. Your body typically draws protein from your kidneys and liver, but with an empty stomach our body takes protein from muscle. This can actually lessen your chance to lose weight as your metabolism gets slower.


Before your workout, it is recommended to choose food rich with complex carbohydrate and protein to keep you energized in the middle of your routine.



Sweet Potato

Brown Rice


After Workout

Fitness experts suggest that you observe proper diet when you perform an extensive workout. Prior to this, you must be particular with the food you eat right after exercising. While exercising, you break down the fuel stored in your muscles, known as glycogen. Thus, you must refuel as soon as you finish your routine to refill energy stores and to repair the muscles which are broken down.

Research suggests that you must eat or drink something rich in carbohydrate and protein, 30 minutes after your workout. The longer it gets the harder for your body to refill muscle stores. Here are the meals which can boost the recovery of your body.

Steamed Vegetables with non-GMO tofu

Multi-grain bread (minimum of 2 slices) You can add peanut butter and agave nectar.

Vegetable salad with vinegar and olive oil. It is better to add roasted chickpeas

Protein Shake (Mix hemp seeds, banana, almond and protein powder)

Brown Rice, guacamole (preferably 2 tablespoons) and salsa

You are always one step ahead of your game if you are informed. Make a conscious effort to know what types of exercise you need for your body and at the same time the proper food intake before and after your workout. Have an ultimate fitness goal and follow a healthy lifestyle.




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