10 Science-backed Weight Loss Tips You Must Do Today


Losing weight is something that many people find difficult to accomplish. For one, there are so many misconceptions about weight loss that it?s already too confusing: should you follow this advice or that tip?

Well, the best way to answer that question is to consult science. We have listed some of the best tips backed by scientists. These will definitely help you get rid of those unhealthy fats faster and more effectively. Read on!

Weight Loss Tip 1: Water, Water, Water!!!

This is a no-brainer. Everybody knows the fact that the human body needs water to function properly. Drinking lots of water helps you in a lot of things. Water can help you get rid of toxins from your body, as well as improve the hydration of your skin.

Water also helps in weight loss. According to science, water can improve your body?s metabolism by 24 percent to 30 percent for one and a half hours. This means that your body will burn some more calories throughout the course of the day.


Weight Loss Tip 2: Don?t be Sleep Deprived

Just like water, sleeping gives you lots of benefits that you are probably unaware of. Sleeping is actually as beneficial as exercising and having a balanced diet.

The benefits of sleeping includes the enhancement of your memory and creativity, as well as the prevention of quick exhaustion. It also improves your attention span and stress tolerance.

Researchers have also proven that those who sleep longer and better tend to lose more weight than those who don?t.

Weight Loss Tip 3: Devour Protein-Rich Foods

This is common knowledge for those who are trying to lose weight. Protein is one of the most important nutrient. And having a high protein diet boosts your metabolism. In addition, study suggests that eating protein-rich food can help you stop thinking about eating lots of food. This is practically because foods with high protein are more tummy-fulfilling.

In a way, adding protein to your diet gets the job halfway done.

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Weight Loss Tip 4: Fruits and Vegetables are Your Friends

Generally, fruits and vegetable have a lot of properties that help in weight loss, aside from the fact that they are your healthiest choices of foods.

It doesn?t take a rocket scientist to know this. Fruits and vegetables contain lower levels of calories, and they have tons of fiber. If you want more, they are rich in water, which we?ve already established as a very important liquid. They are also as filling as any other heavy foods.

Weight Loss Tip 5: Don?t Fall for Sugary Temptations

We all know that sugars can make you fat. All those sweetness and delicious tastes of cakes, candies, and other such food will make it more difficult for you to cut down of food.

But if you can fight the urge and avoid the sugary temptations, you?re saving yourself from the risks of obesity, as well as other diseases like type 2 diabetes, diseases of the heart, and other dangerous sickness. Every time you buy something, check the label to see if it?s loaded on sugar or has no added sugar.

Weight Loss Tip 6: Avoid Sugar in Liquid Form

You can avoid sugary sweet temptations, but can you avoid the same if they?re in liquid form? We?re talking about soda and other synthetic fruit juices.

Different studies show that the sugar content of such drinks can be even worse than those food packed with glucose. You also want to avoid liquid calories.

You can eat fruits and drink freshly squeezed fruit juices, but try to avoid artificially flavoured drinks and juices.

Weight Loss Tip 7: Define ?Diet? Properly

Some people think that when they ?go on a diet? they have to do it the extremes. For one, there are people who skip important meals just to avoid gaining more weight. Some of them go on specific diet menus and forget the real point of watching their diet.

Skipping meals is completely bad for your health. Again, you don?t need a rocket scientist to tell you that. Instead of skipping meals and starving yourself to death, you have to find the right diet for you. Eat healthy foods and balance the amount of nutrients that your body can get.

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Weight Loss Tip 8: Pump Those Muscles

When you try to change the amount of food you take and what food you consume, your body needs some time to adjust. Consequently, dieting makes your muscles lax and slow.

You have to keep them running and working in good condition if you want the metabolic process to continue. You can have some sort of exercises like resistance training or weight lifting. It has been long proven that weight lifting can speed up your metabolism and improve your muscles mass.

Weight Loss Tip 9: Slurp Green Tea

Aside from water, green tea is also a very good drink that you should regularly consume. Green teas have lots and lots of benefits for your body.

It sports caffeine, though. That doesn?t change the fact that green teas also sport numerous kinds of antioxidants. For instance, most green teas have catechins, which tremendously helps in burning fats. Studies suggest that a majority of the kind of green teas in the market are good for weight loss.

Weight Loss Tip 10: Beat Food Addiction

Everybody knows the concept of comfort foods. These are the foods that you eat whenever you feel bad, sad, or stressed. Most of the time, these are foods like cakes, sweets, and ice creams. Now, what happens is a person can be totally dependent on these foods in the long run. This is called food addiction.

Yes, food addiction is real. People suffer from overwhelming cravings for various foods. They don?t usually notice it until they cannot control their diet. The best course of action is to get help and contact a health specialist. Deal with this problem first before doing any other thing for dieting.


Weight loss is something that requires discipline and patience. But it also requires prudence, meaning not all the advice you get from people are correct. It?s better to stick to these science-backed tips that will help you lose weight faster.

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