Avoid These Common Weight Loss Mistakes


There are many ways to burn fats and lose weight. Science has confirmed and rejected many, many weight loss beliefs before. However, a lot of people still fall for many weight loss mistakes.

Weight loss mistakes can be very bad for your overall weight loss program, so it?s very important to weed the problem out before it can do a major damage.

The following are most common weight loss mistakes you should avoid.

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Weight Loss Mistake 1: Too High Expectations

When trying to lose weight, do not be too harsh on yourself. People tend to motivate themselves by setting unrealistic goals and thinking they can achieve them.


On TV, you can see programs where people lose weight in an incredibly fast rate. However, that doesn?t always happen in real life. And in real life, losing weight takes much more time and effort.

If you set high expectations, there are bigger chances to fail. And when you fail, you feel discouraged. That will not help you reach your goals altogether.


Weight Loss Mistake 2: Too Low Expectations

Setting very low expectations is just as futile as setting very high ones. Again, the right thing to do is set realistic expectations.

When your expectations are too low, you get too easily satisfied even with very insignificant progress. And when it comes to progress, your goal is to achieve meaningful improvements. Low expectations may let you feel more comfortable, but they won?t help you in your overall success.

Your goals and expectations should be set at a reasonable and realistic level. This way, you won?t too much pressure to lose weight, while you also don?t become too lax.

Weight Loss Mistake 3: Skipping Meals

This is very, very common to weight-conscious people, especially those who are just starting to try weight loss.

Many people think that the fastest way to lose weight is to stop eating. While that?s technically true, it?s also very unhealthy and dangerous. Your body needs food, for crying out loud. Breakfast, lunch, and dinner are all important.

Remember that your ultimate goal is to become healthy. And you cannot achieve that by depriving yourself of the food you need. The better thing to do is to control your diet and eat only those that are really healthy. Skipping meals is never the key.

Weight Loss Mistake 4: Using Food as Your Reward

Weight loss entails giving up many delicious but unhealthy food. Many people fall for thinking that they can use food as a reward.

The basic premise of this thinking is that after you lose weight, it?s okay to indulge in the foods you?ve been craving for. However, this will not help you in the longer run. It will only boost your craving, and then it could derail your efforts.

Instead of giving yourself some excuse to taste unhealthy foods after working out, reward yourself with other stuff. Maybe give yourself a gift, like a new gadget or new clothes. Think about the longer-term effect of the progress you have made.

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Weight Loss Mistake 5: Copying Other People?s Programs

The problem with many popular weight loss programs is that they?re fit for the average person. People have different body types and needs.

For instance, someone may have genes that make them more voluptuous than normal people. That means even if they go weight training and diet programs, they may still look thicker than others. This person will then feel bad and may despise his or her own body even if in truth he?s just as healthy as the thinner man or woman.

To fix this, you must consider your body?s needs and inherent qualities. Not all training programs are suitable for you. Pick one that will let you achieve your own personal healthiest level.

Weight Loss mistake 6: Too much Exercise

Building up stamina for heavy exercise and work out routines takes a long time. You have to take it slowly and not torment yourself with heavy weights at once.

Some people think that diving into weight lifting and intense exercise lets them lose weight faster. This outlook is too unrealistic if not downright ineffective and dangerous. What you can do is start small. Remember FIT: frequency, intensity, and time.

Start once or twice a week with light exercises for 30 minutes to one hour. After you have built up your strength and stamina, you can try more challenging exercises. This way, your body can adjust to the new lifestyle that you have.

Weight Loss Mistake 7: Taking to Many Weight Loss Pills

A lot of weight loss products are effective. Many of them are FDA approved and checked. And they can definitely help you out in achieving your weight loss goals?if taken with a grain of salt.

The danger lies is being too dependent on them. Some people consume a lot weight loss products that they think are helping them. However, if taken too much, these products can just worsen your health condition. It?s important that you take them only when necessary and in modest amounts.

Remember that these are chemicals you are ingesting. And chemicals have a long record of terrible side effects.

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Weight Loss Mistake 8: Rushing Your Plate

Some people become so health-conscious that they don?t only skip meals, but also rush them when they do take meals. They chew, swallow, and gulp faster than the clock?s ticking hands.

This doesn?t really have any positive effects on your weight loss regime. Also, it makes you feel less full. You don?t chew your food thoroughly, so it may also lead to indigestion. Really, you don?t have to rush meals and even your weight loss progress.

Again, take it slowly and don?t be overeager to lose weight to quickly.

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Weight Loss Mistake 9: Having the Wrong Motivation

This is arguably the most common mistake in this list.

Different people try to lose weight for different purposes. Some of them do so because of a certain illness. Some people just don?t want to be laughed at. However, remember that your motivation can affect your progress. If you?re doing it to impress other people, remember that if they?re not impressed you?ll be devastated.

What we?re trying to say is that if you?re going to lose weight, do it for yourself. Your health is what you?re trying to improve, not only what others think about you.

Weight Loss Mistakes: The Conclusion

Weight loss mistakes are very common. Many people have fallen for them, but it doesn?t mean you should too. In trying to lose weight, you must keep tabs of all the facts and effects of everything that you try to do.


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