Cardiovascular Workouts At Home


The most alarming part of a holiday is the time you actually realize how much weight you gained in a span of two to three days. It happens, don?t fret. All you have to do is to engage yourself with a cardio workout which can be done just around the corner.

Cardio exercises can bring great benefits to your body. Physically, these routines intensify your weight loss plans and deliver a faster outcome. It is an efficient way to burn those extra calories and keep your metabolism quicker.

Over all, cardio vascular exercise promotes stronger heart and lungs, reduce the risk of having some types of cancer, amplify the density of your bones and a stress reliever. It will also give you more energy and helps you get better sleep, which will lead you to a better lifestyle.

Chest Workout Routine


Daily cardio exercise doesn?t have to be outdoors, always. Here are practical cardio exercises you can do at home

Squat Jump

Squats help in building body wide muscles while jumping stimulates your metabolism and strengthens your heart. What if you combine these two? You will have a perfect cardiovascular exercise.

To start, stand straight and squat. Put your hands at the back of your head and jump. When you jump, make sure to extend your legs and you squat again put the pressure on your butt, never on your toes. Keep your posture upright when you jump and squat. Beginners are advised to do it for 5 minutes, but once you get the used to it, you do this routine for 15 minutes. Be prepared with an all-out perspiration if you choose to do this.

Plank with Shoulder Touches

Begin with the usual plank position. Lift your upper body and let your arms and toes hold your weight. At this point, your body is slanted and your palms are opened on the floor. Next, withdraw your left hand and touch your right shoulder. Put your hands back on the floor. Then, withdraw your right hand and touch your left shoulder. Remember, your body must be steady and straight while doing this activity. Perform this for 16 to 32 counts. You can start slowly until you find a comfortable rhythm.

Mountain Climber 2.0

If you are familiar with the mountain climber routine, the next cardio exercise will be easy for you. Lie on the ground and slowly lift your upper body, with your arms supporting your weight. Spread your legs a bit, about a foot away. Your position must look like you are about to run. The next part will require extreme force. Let your right knee touch the back of your left forearm, if you can?t at least let it be stretched as close as it gets. Go back to your original position. Afterwards, let your left knee touch the back of your right forearm. Again, if it your body can?t be stretched that far, try to get it as near as possible.


Burpee is a bit challenging compared to other exercises because it starts from the bottom and requires you to jump afterwards. To start, put your weight on your heels while you are in a squat position and then slowly flat your hands on the floor mat. Next, push your heels backward and make a plank position. Make sure your body does not curve. Then, jump your feet at the back of your forearms and jump up towards the ceiling immediately. When your feet land on the floor, keep them a bit apart. The speed in this routine matters the most. Definitely, it is a total body workout.



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