High Intensity or Low Intensity?


Intensity Workout

There are a lot of conflicting views over the efficiency of a high intensity or a low intensity workout. A defined exercise routine calls for the need of a level of intensity. However, the difference between the two can be highly recognized on your personal target while conducting a specific exercise.

To finally settle the issue, both are equally important. Let?s see how beneficial these intensity considerations could be for the body.


Benefits of High Intensity Routine

High intensity workout is an effective way to burn more calories and fats compared to the ones performed with low intensity. Studies explain that a 15-minute workout that involves high intensity with short resting period also boosts metabolism in a short period of time. You get to burn calories in a short amount of time and your metabolism improves which make it a worthy practice.

Activities like swimming, sprinting, mountain climbing, pushups and pull-ups require high intensity to be more effective.

Workouts done with high intensity are undeniably challenging, however, the end of the road would definitely be rewarding. Even seasoned exercisers still perform these kinds of activities not only because it has been part of their system, but also the tested effectiveness in the long run.

Benefits of Low Intensity Routine

A low intensity workout should be preferred by the beginners. It is better to start training with a light intensity to prepare your muscles prior to the hard core ones.

With low intensity workout you make it easier to build your endurance. The body?s endurance is developed over time following a consistent routine with lighter intensity. For instance, start with a 1k run until you build that endurance to do a 5K. We all have to start at the bottom anyway.

If you usually get unbearable soreness after an intense workout, you better apply low intensity whether with equipment or not. You have to respect the process to get there, your ultimate fitness goal. In case you are using a resistance band, lessen the reps while if you run on treadmills reduce the duration – perhaps from 30 minutes down to 15 minutes.

The low intensity activities also lower the occurrence of cardiovascular diseases. You might notice it but walking or running slowly regulates your plasma lipids if it is done regularly. It could be a bit boring

At the end of the day, it is about enjoying every moment. Make each training your lifestyle and not an obligation.



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