How to Lose Weight Fast Naturally, Get in Shape and Be Attractive


How to lose weight fast naturally, Get in shape and be attractive .?For some women over 40, belly fat is a big problem. Most women who have this problem want to know what a good weight loss plan for women over 40 is. What some women may not know is while belly fat is annoying and unsightly; it may cause more serious problems than not being able to zip up a great pair of skinny jeans. A survival mechanism from our distant past belly fat was accumulated during times of plenty and then used up during the long months when food was scarce. This remnant from the past is no longer necessary with our plentiful supplies of food. Now, the problem for many people is how the belly fat just accumulates and accumulates.


How is age tied to weight gain?

As we age, our body experiences a series of changes. Hormone imbalance is the most major change. Hormones are chemical messengers. They control the body’s chemical substances at a constant level and, as a result, create stability in the body. Hormones act as catalysts and are important for growth, energy and, development. They also regulate key bodily functions, including metabolism.


With age, there is a decrease in hormone levels in the human body. In the case of women, there is a decrease in the natural production of estrogen. Reducing hormone levels affect metabolism. So when a woman nears menopause, for about 40 years, her body burns fewer calories than in youth. She loses muscle mass and gains more fat.

Belly Fat

What is interesting is that belly fat is unlike the other fat beneath our skin. Everybody knows our skin serves to protect us from the cold and absorbs the shock of minor bumps and scrapes. Belly fat is not the same thing! It accumulates around the waistline and is called visceral fat. This is the worst kind of fat due to it being attached to the internal organs. It is found on the outside of the stomach, the liver, spleen and the intestines.

The biggest difference between it and subcutaneous fat (fat found beneath the skin on the rest of the body) is belly fat acts as an endocrine gland, secreting hormones into the body. One of the most damaging chemicals it secretes are cytokines that cause inflammation and damages tissues throughout the body.

The more belly fat a person has, the greater the chance for developing insulin resistance that can result in the development of Type 2 diabetes. With the advent of insulin resistance, blood sugar levels can swing wildly, increasing hunger and more overeating. It becomes a bad circle that causes greater weight and even more abdominal fat.

Visceral adipose tissue lies beneath the abdominal muscles, close to the organs which make it even more dangerous. It differs from subcutaneous fat which is the fat beneath the skin that helps insulate the body and serves as an energy storage tissue.

Tips on how to lose weight for women over 40 years old

Have you been searching for the fastest way to lose weight for women but have come up empty-handed? Is there a reason why women have different questions and issues than men in regards to fitness? There are so much misinformation and contradictions within the fitness industry that it can make your head spin. We are going to address those very issues and get right to the point. You need to lose weight the healthy way and you need it fast. Let’s jump right in!

Set a Reasonable Goal

Many women will go into this process trying to drop 25 to 30 pounds in the first month. Is that possible? Absolutely! However, most people aren’t willing to do what it takes to lose that amount of weight in that amount of time. So when I say set a reasonable goal, I’m saying set a goal that you know you are willing to put in the work to accomplish. Otherwise, you will just set yourself up for disappointment. And once you are disappointed, you will stop eating right, you will stop exercising and you will end up right back where you started.

Metabolism Boosting Foods

Fat-fighting foods boost your metabolism. You should limit high-fat, high-sugar and high-sodium foods. Sodium foods cause water retention in the body while fat and sugar add to fat deposits. You should increase the intake of protein-foods, fiber-foods, and water-rich foods. Also, drink plenty of water.

Sugar-Free, Low Fat, No Fat, Cholesterol Free, Diet Anything

Don’t get caught up in the hype of these types of foods. “Diet” foods may actually be the reason why you can’t lose weight. Foods with these kinds of labels have a lot of addictive properties in them due to artificial sweeteners, chemicals, and additives. These addictive chemicals have also been shown to increase hunger as well as cravings for even more junk food. You may be overeating because of the “diet” foods.

Fasting 1-2 times a week

Don’t worry about “starving” yourself or wondering if your body will go into “starvation mode.” This is one of the biggest myths of the diet and fitness industry. Fasting for a 24 hour period 1-2 times a week is a very healthy and beneficial way to lose fat. Its gives the digestive system a break while creating a huge caloric deficit that is needed to lose the extra pounds. Fasting has also been linked to alleviating health problems and sickness. It does not promote anorexia or any other eating disorders

Sugar and Fungus

The fungus is an issue that has been swept under the rug for a long time but it is slowly making its way back. Fungus comes in many forms and is linked to many health problems, disease, and weight gain. Think about your current diet. Do you constantly crave sugar, bread, potatoes, and grains? The reason could very well be from a fungus problem in the body. Fungus needs sugar and starchy foods to survive. If you constantly have cravings for these foods, you will continue to overeat. Kill the fungus and you will lose weight. Remember, overeating causes weight gain. This isn’t rocket science!

Eat Real Food

This seems like a no-brainer but people tend to forget this. Eating fresh fruit, vegetables, meat, and other food can save you from extra calories and dangerous additives. We have been conditioned to eat food that comes straight out of a box so it may be more difficult than you think. If you can make a habit out of eating raw fruit and vegetables instead, you may find your waistline to be a little more forgiving.

Exercise – Cardio and Strength Training

Diet needs to be supplemented with regular exercise. Cardiovascular exercise routines help initiate weight loss in women over 40. Running, cycling, dancing, swimming, and jogging are cardio activities you can enjoy. Perform cardiovascular exercises 3 times a week for a minimum of 20 minutes. Strength training or weight resistance exercises help burn fat by building muscle mass. Activities include squats, lunges, shoulder presses, crunches and arm curls.

Walking is an excellent way to get calorie-burning exercise. It’s low-impact on the joints, a wonderful way to burn calories, and provides a great cardiovascular workout. Walk at a brisk pace and aim for covering two to three miles every day. At the optimum pace, a walk this long should take between 30 to 45 minutes. Although walking the dog is good exercise, if your dog likes to stop at every tree and fire hydrant, take him for a quick walk and circle back home. Then head out for a fast-paced two-mile walk by yourself. Interval walking burns even more calories. These bursts can be less than a minute in length but really pay off with fat burning that continues even after the exercise stops.

Drink plenty of water

Drink plenty of water. Not pop or soda, but pure water. In the heat, your body needs more fluid, so give it what you need. Studies have shown that staying adequately hydrated keeps the body running optimally. Research has also shown that drinking water before a meal encourages you to eat less, making weight loss easier than ever. If you insist that plain water is unpleasant, add a bit of lime or lemon juice. Water helps the body excrete wastes, another way to ensure better health.

Get Adequate Sleep

Sleep schedules get erratic with age. It is difficult to get a good night’s sleep. Inadequate sleep increases hunger. In this manner, sleep is indirectly linked to weight gain. You should sleep well. It will help to build a proper sleep schedule.

As we get older our body changes shape, women store fatter around their middle as they approach middle age and their metabolism slows down, so if you are over 40 and want to lose weight you have to do things a bit different to when you were younger. As we get older we start to lose muscle mass which is one of the main reasons for a slowing metabolism.

Regular exercise and activity help slow down the loss of bone and muscle strength, the best is to do a variety of exercise including walking which is a great way to burn fat and is easier on the joints. You should make lifting weights as part of your regime as this gets results fast; it builds lean muscle, which makes you look slim and burns off more energy.

Risk of Injury or Disease!

It stabilizes joints so that you are less at risk of injury or disease. It also stops muscles wasting away as you get older and reduces the effects of arthritis and back pain and moreover increases bone density – particularly important for women over 40 who are at more risk of osteoporosis, it is also beneficial to take a daily calcium supplement. Make sure to warm up, stretch and cool down and then stretch again before and after your exercise routine.

Another very important thing to remember when you want to lose weight over 40 is that it is far better to have 5 or 6 small meals a day rather than 3 large meals as this will help speed up your metabolism and is easier on your digestion. Make sure to include plenty of fruit and vegetables in your diet, as well as nuts and oily fish. Start your day with a cup of boiled water and lemon juice and make sure to drink plenty of water to keep you hydrated. Most important of all give up guilt, don’t beat yourself up if you have a bad day, remember life is for a living and feeling guilty makes you old before your time!

Who Needs Some Quick Weight Loss Tips For Women Over 40?

If you are women unhappy with your current figure, then you probably fall into this category. Most ladies, due to the double duty of raising kids and trying to juggle a career, don’t spend enough time on themselves and are likely to be unhappy with their shape at this time. As you can see, if you are looking for an easy weight loss plan for women over 40 to follow, these are simple steps anyone can use to transform to that incredible body they have been desiring!