Secrets of Joint Flexibility


Have you ever experienced trying to pick something from the ground and you are stuck in the position for a moment due to the possibility of getting broken bones after a wrong movement? How about trying to bend your body and feel sudden pain? These circumstances are caused by lack of joint flexibility or flexibility in general. If you are one of the few people who experienced such scenarios or you are just someone who wish to avoid them, you must start improving the flexibility of your joints.

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From the point of view of science, the increased muscular elasticity of the joints range of mobility has a direct relationship with the flexibility of the human body.

Here are some of the secrets to maintain joint flexibility.


Regular Stretching

The basic stretching could be great, what is needed are the dynamic forms of stretching. These are the routines conducted in sports. You need to apply a specific amount of force to your body with an increase range of motions. Dynaminc stretching improves the flow of your blood and the rhythm of your breathing. Over time, you can perform better on your daily routines and you reduce the occurrence of injuries.


Whenever you swim, all of your joints move at the same time. For this reason, it lengthens both upper and lower extremities, making your joints more flexible. To make it even better, try different strokes such as backstrokes and butterly or you can engage with freestyle swimming. You can do this activity for 30 to 45 minutes for atleast three times a week.

Basic Pilates and Yoga

To alleviate body stiffness, combine basic pilates and yoga. The muscle development and the increase of flexibility can be attained through the help of these activities. After getting comfortable with these routines, you might not even notice the changes throughout your body, especially the increase of the range of motion in your joints. You may not only loosen stiffness; you can have a deep relaxation.

The quality of life gets better when you hold the ability to do whatever you want, whenever you wish to. However, here?s the sad truth, as you grow old your activities get limited. More so, it is not about being broke, it is a product of negligence and lack of interest on your health during your youth. We enjoy too much in the present that we don?t make any effort for our future. Would you rather sulk on your couch surfing the net, eating boxes of pizza and drinking soda the whole day or get on your feet right now and examine your fitness level?



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