Simple Ways of Strengthening Your Shoulders


Considered as one of the most complex joints in your body, you must be aware of how to strengthen your shoulders. Anatomically speaking, the shoulder is a ball-and-socket joint which allows you to move your arm in almost all directions. According to reports, the number of patients with shoulder problems has been increasing due to athletic injuries and job-related reasons.

There?s no better way to prevent injuries aside from strengthening your upper back and shoulders with some routine on a daily basis. Keeping your shoulder stable and fit can lessen the possibility of having an injury in the long run.

Circle It

For this routine, you?ll need a lightweight dumbbell. To start, stand straight and keep your feet about a foot apart. Then hold your dumbbells for each hand and extend your arms sideward. At this point you have formed a T-like-posture with feet slightly apart. Now, make a circling movement using your arms. It would appear like you are forming a whirlwind through your arms. Do this slowly for 8 counts and then reverse the direction of the circles. You can do this for a minimum of five minutes. This drill will make your shoulders and arms firm.


Punch It

With the dumbbells in your hands, stand with feet slightly apart. Then, forward your right leg with you your right arm punching. Tighten your grip on the dumbbell and make sure your arm and your leg are parallel to each other. To do this, you need to squat a little. Afterwards, you go back to your original position and do the same routine on the left leg and arm. Try to breathe out whenever you punch and breathe in when you go back to your original posture. You should do this for 16 counts on the first try and you can try 32 counts for the second time around. The pace would depend on you, however, it is recommended not to make it too fast to achieve a normal breathing pattern. This routine will definitely help you shape your bicep and will give you a strong shoulder if allot around three to five minutes.

Curl It

The next routine will be more of a cool down. Keep your arms by sides while holding the dumbbells and stand with feet slightly apart. Then, start curling up your arms on your side until the level of your chest, right below your armpits. It would be similar to the typical pose of a monkey. Do this routine for 8 counts on the left and another 8 counts for the right arm. After, you can do it simultaneously for 16 counts and another 16 counts with both arms. Preferably, performing this for five minutes can give you ultimate strengthen your triceps and biceps.

The strength of the upper body should be one of your priorities in performing your ultimate fitness routine. You can choose from the variety of ultimate chest workouts, highly recommended shoulder routines and different strength and resistance exercises. With strong shoulder, you can guarantee a groovy old age.



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