Strength Training For Triceps


Strength Training For Triceps. Triceps or triceps brachii muscle is the large muscle which can be found on the back of the upper limb of many vertebrates. This muscle is responsible for the straightening of the arm as an extensor of the elbow joint. It is used in making fine movements such as writing and has a clinical significance as tester of the nerve functions of the arms.

Aside from the biceps, the triceps receive much attention in improving the shape and size of the arms. Healthier and sexier arms can be achieved through proper triceps and biceps exercises.
For this session, the basics of strength training for triceps will be discussed.

Tricep Extensions with Exercise Ball |?Strength Training For Triceps

The main target of this routine is the strength of the triceps. Start by looking for a spacious area to do the routine. You are going to need an exercise ball fit for your body size and body type, dumbbells, plus a floor mat.

How to do this ? Sit straight on the exercise ball, keep your feet together on the ground and hold a dumbbell on each of your hand. Move your feet forward and slowly roll back as you rest your back on the ball. Next, bend your knees in a way that your thighs are together and forms a right angle from the floor. Place the dumbbells on your side and let your shoulder firmly rest on the ball.


Straighthen your back in the entire acitivity. Afterwards, raise your arms while holding the dumbbells. With your palms facing in toward one another, extend your arms toward the ceiling. Gradually lower the dumbbells until they reach your chest. Extend the dumbbell and don?t forget to breathe in and out as you put dumbbells up and down. This activity can be repeated for 3 sets in 10 to 15 repetitions. If you want to make it challenging, increase the weight of the dumbbells every now and then until you find the perfect weights for your body type.

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Simple Triceps Kickback with Dumbbells

Triceps kickback is popularly known as a weight training routine as it helps in strengthening your core and other related muscle groups. Due to the high intensity required for this routine, it is advisable to take basic warm up routines and prepare yourself mental for it.

How to do this ? To start with, choose the weight of the dumbbell appropriate for your body type. This stage holds the greatest significance whenever you perform any triceps exercises. You should neither over-power the training by choosing the heaviest weights nor select the lightest and make no improvements at all. Next, decide which hand is stronger ? this will be the one that you usually use to write.

In the next part, you have to stand straight as you hold the dumbbell on your stronger hand, let?s say for example it would be your right. While standinhg straight, move one foot forward (it should be the opposite of the hand holding the dumbbell). In this example, your left hand is placed on your left leg while your right hand holds the dumbbell. Keep your feet firm on the floor as well and use your core to brace yourself.

Afterwards, lean forward and transfer your weight on the leg that is moved forward. Align your head and your spine, and don?t let your back to arch. Hold your position for 30 seconds and then bend your elbow, positioning your upper arm to your torso. Move your elbow up and down in an arcing motion for 16 counts. Go back to the original position and do the same routine on the other hand for 16 counts. Repeat this routine for approximately 15 minutes on a daily basis or add it on your regular exercise.

Triceps Kickback with other Materials

On the bench ? Instead of solely standing on the floor, you can place your other knee on a bench or chair. If you are holding the dumbbell with your right hand, place your right leg on the bench. Grip the dumbbell firmly and support your weight through the other hand placed on the leg which is moved forward. Sway the dumbbell from your side and extend it until it forms an acute angle from your back.

With Resistance Bands -You can perform the basic kickback with the use of resistance bands instead of dumbbells. The resistance band is perfect to strecth your muscles on your arms, specifically your triceps. To do this, position yourself for a kickback and step on the resistance band. For instance, place your left hand on your left leg while you are bent. Your right foot will step in the resistance band and your right leg will pull it upward until it reach your hips.

Additional Reminder

For any triceps exercises, you should set schedule and follow it as much as possible, as much as you can. Should you fail to obey your own routine, there will be inconsistency and possibly you will miss your target.

The number of repetitions will depend on your capability to endure the instensity applied upon. Do not let any routine over extend your muscle or over power your entire muscular system. It is not only about building muscles, you must keep in mind the strength that you should attain for each routine. The resting period is also important to let you sustain the next activity and to prepare your muscle for the next level.

These mentioned exercises are just the basic ones, of course you may try the most intense ones. Also, you can do basic curls with dumbbells or any weights and combine any shoulder exercises. For safety purposes, discontinue any of these routines when you experience pain and immediately consult your doctor.

You will be more confident if you know that you look good. Don?t settle on what you can do at the moment for your body. You only live once and you must enjoy every bit of it, feel greta about your looks and live a healthier lifetyle. All of these can be achieved through a proper fitness training program. Cheers!





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