Daily Chest Workout Routines


Chest Workout Routines

On a daily basis, we do different types of exercises to enhance our physical attributes. We can do the most basic up to the most hardcore routines. Behind all the tutorials and programs we attend or follow, what matters is the proper execution.

Effective chest exercises target the four parts- inner, outer, upper and lower. However, in reality these areas require separate and specific routine. The technique is to put all of them together on your daily workout.


Another thing to remember is the amount of stress and resistance you put on your muscle while actively performing each routine. The intensity and focus on your core must be remembered all the time. Additionally, to prevent any form of injuries, your daily training must be preceded by stretching or a warm-up.

In this context, here?s a daily chest workout routine that you can try.

Push Up

If you know how to do this routine properly, it will be your advantage. Push-up, may look like very common, does not only develop muscles, but it also improves your overall strength, from your core up to your triceps and shoulders.

There are some points to consider, should you want excellent outcome. If your target is your upper chest, raise your feet a little bit and if you want to improve your lower chest, try doing a push up in a declined position. You can position your hands wider in case your target is your outer chest while the inner part get enhanced if you put your hands closer.

Dumbbell Bench Presses

In case push up comes easy for you, you can try incorporating dumbbells on your next routine. Dumbbell bench presses can be done in different positions- incline, decline and flat bench. This routine can help in pumping your pecs an stretching your connective tissue around your chest, boosting the growth of your muscles. To do this, you only need to change position, from incline to flat to decline without rest in between. Apparently, it requires a considerable amount of intensity and strength to perform this exercise.

These two routines can be performed around 10 to 20 minutes daily. The first few days may result into muscle pain, that?s why it is suggested to do any exercise gradually and then modify your pace once you get used to it. Basically, your body will learn to adjust over time. At the end of each training,? it is not all about looking so enormous, the strength and endurance you can posses matters the most.




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