Strengthen Without Weights at Home


Strength and conditioning program usually requires heavy equipment and rigid training from the fitness experts. Although it is important that you consider these factors, the initiative to undergo on this training should be your main concern.

There are fitness starters that easily lose their enthusiasm to continue due to a number of factors, which includes poor result, busy schedule and costly gym membership. Breaking those initial negative notions, getting fit can actually start from your home, during your free-time with no membership fee required. The best thing about conducting your strength and conditioning routine at your home is the slowly but surely result. You?ve got the control on your time and routine.

Let?s have the fitness routines that you can try at home.


Step Up and Down

Stepping up and down can be done on the stairs, or perhaps you actually do this on a daily basis. To make it more effective, try doing it with discipline and routine. Here?s what you can do, step up and down on the first step of your stairs for 16 counts for three minutes. Then, add another stair every after three minutes. You can at least perform this for 15 minutes in the morning.

Side Step

Look for a bench or a flat chair which stands at least 12 inches. Stand straight behind it and put your hands on your hips. Put your left foot on the platform, extend your right leg and then come down with your feet together. Do this for 8 counts. Afterwards, perform the same routine on the other side of your leg with the same number of counts. Continue exchanging positions for 10 minutes.


Stand straight and raise your hands at shoulder level and make sure they are parallel to the floor. Next, raise your right leg off the floor and slowly lower you back. Keep your leg straight as you lower your back. Your final position will look like you are sitting on your left feet and your hips slightly tilted and your right leg is extended off the ground. Shift to the original position. This strength training will challenge your lower back, abs, hamstring and your body balance. Do this routine for five minutes on the first day. Then, the next sessions will depend on you.

Push Up

Push up has been one of the traditional fitness exercises. Overtime, it has been highly recommended since you perform it anytime and anywhere. Performing pushups target your shoulders, chest, triceps and your core in one session. To start, lower your body, put all your weight on your arms. Make sure that your chest nearly touches the floor and your body is kept straight. Push yourself up and back to the original position. You can have push up for at least five minutes.



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