Three Basic Abs Training



Not everyone has the willingness to undergo a strict training in order to achieve a six-pack abs. The road towards building muscle and losing unnecessary fats on your core is really tough and rough. You have to give up your old habits and you have to practice the more disciplined ones.

If you are ready to change your future into a healthier and fitter one, then you can start with these basic abs trainings.

chest workout without weights



You might have seen celebrities on their instagram doing push-ups every now and then. It is a classic technique to keep your entire body in shape and at the same time enhance your abdominal muscles. Push-up comes in different styles and levels. You can start with the standard push up and jump into a more complicated style in the long run. The level of difficulty can be gauged as well on the number of repetitions you conduct.


In case you have a pull bar, then, it is perfect to do pull ups once in a while. As you pull your body above the horizontal bar, your muscles around your stomach receive too much pressure. Not only that, your biceps can be enhanced as well as you lift your body upward. You may try to twist your body after the pull to apple extra force around your core. Perform this exercise for 10 to 15 minutes and you will be surprised with the changes on your body.


It is often introduced during P.E. class, but it actually works more than just a physical exercise. Sit ups could be the perfect starter if you want to improve your abdominal muscles. When you lift your lower back off the floor, pressure is applied on your stomach. To make it more effective, just keep your back straight when you lift up and lower yourself down. If you find it too comfortable and easy for you, then you can do it with dumbbells on your hands. The more challenging it is, the better for your abs.

These basic trainings would be wasted if you implement a proper diet before and after. It is your choice to have a toned and muscular abs, thus, be consistent on your routine and be healthy. On the other hand, a toned and muscular abs is not only for show. These exercises that target your entire core can help in maintaining proper posture and body stability.



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