How To Build Muscles The Right Way (Part 2)


How To Build Muscles The Right Way (Part 2) . There are several exercises that you can do both at home and at the gym to build muscles. Like any other routines, you must consider learning the basic first before jumping into the intense level of exercises. It is also important to follow the guidelines set by the fitness instructor or even just the fundamental instructions you can get from the internet.

Consider that you have planned the right diet and you have determined the right amount of calories your body is allowed to have on a regular basis, the next step would be to identify the types of exercise that can actually help you build muscles gradually, without meeting any injuries in the long run.

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Here are the guidelines for the exercises in building muscles:


The Warm-Up

Start tearing down the unhealthy fats in your body through a warm-up. It has to be simple and achievable depending on your body type and condition. Doing a warm-up will prepare your muscles and will prevent you from having injuries or muscle pain after the extreme workouts. You can choose the basic warm-up such as stretching or go for the more complicated poses in yoga or pilates. If you have time, you can also walk slowly for 15 minutes ? guaranteed all your muscles will be warmed-up.

The Training

You have to consider having regular trainings to build muscles effectively. It is advisable to set your schedule to prevent over-training. The trainings must target around 3 to 4 sets per muscle group and 6 to 12 repetitions. For the final rep, you can apply more intense workouts, like weight lifting. Remember that high reps are not necessary for building up muscle strength or size. The entire training can last from 40 to 60 minutes on a daily basis and you can perform these routines for 3 to 5 times a week.

The Target

There should be an equal attention on each part of the body when you conduct muscle building exercises. When your whole body is involved in the training, your body will produce more epinephrine and norepinephrine ? hormones for muscle growth. You can also divide your time for each part of the body in a week of fitness program.

The Exercises

Cardiovascular Exercises ? One of the most recommended training is cardio. It supports muscle growth and at the same time improves the flow of blood. It also burns calories faster than the typical trainings when you do it for two hours on a moderate mode. Walking, swimming and biking can be considered as cardiovascular routines as well.

Specific Exercises ? For your back, you can do bent over rows and pull ups while your muscles on the chest can be built through push ups and bench press with weights. You can choose either deadlifts or the standard squats for your leg muscles while your biceps can be improved through dumbbell arm curls. Moreover, your triceps can get firmer through consistent dips or skull crushers. In terms of your shoulders, you do overhead press until your arms are fully extended.



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