Abs Training (Intermediate Level)



If you want better results, then train harder. At this point, you are done with the basic abs trainings ? push-ups, pull ups and sit ups. It?s time to level up your game and try the other routines, which can be hard in the beginning, but can bring satisfying outcome. Remember, it takes a great amount of patience, effort and time to reach your goal, a six pack abs.



The abdominal muscles can be flexed better than any other routine when you do crunches. This routine has received a number of criticisms, but with proper guidelines it can really work well on your abs. First, you should practice proper breathing pattern while doing the crunch. Second, you should not lift your entire back instead slowly raise your shoulders towards your knees only. Third, use your abdominal muscles when you lift your shoulders off the floor.


This routine was quite sensational for a time; nevertheless, it can be useful as an abdominal workout. The most crucial part of this routine is when you hold your body in place. Basically, you can hold your planking position for one minute, but you can adjust it up to 5 minutes as long as your body responds comfortably. Once you?ve become too at ease, try holding it for as long as you can. Planking is a recommended method to train your core.


Bruce Lee is one of the fanatics of dragon flags due to the immense tightening of abs with little pressure on the back. In this routine, you need to lie down flat with your back on the bench and put your feet together. Place your head above you and possibly hold the end of the bench. Next, lift your body until you form an acute angle (your body is technically on a slanting position in the air). Keep your body straight and don?t let your butt touch the bench when you hold your position. The number of reps would depend on you; just make sure your muscles don?t get too sore.


If you think planking can?t get more exciting, then try butt-ups. As simple as its name, you only have to lift that butt up. Start with your original planking position and slowly curve up your butt. Then, go back to your original position. It may look so simple, but you have to be extra careful in lowering your body. You must not let your stomach sag on the floor. It only means that you to keep the distance of your body from the floor. If this comes out as pretty basic for you, then lift your rear as high as you can.


Abdominal muscle trainings can be perfectly improved through the use of fitness materials such as stability ball and ab roller. A stability ball can be use on your crunches to enhance. lower back tissues and balance. Meanwhile, an ab roller can be used instead of the traditional push-ups for a better core and chest.




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