Basic Leg Exercises


What do the athletes and the models have in common? Both of them have properly structured legs. Maintaining the strength of the entire lower limb of the human body is no joke at all. The human leg which includes the foot, thigh and the gluteal region should be attended well to do all forms of locomotion with ease. Adding to this, the human legs serve as the support of the body with the major and long bones anatomically.

To reduce the chance of having leg injuries, you must have adequate knowledge on the basic activities associated with your lower extremities.

Note: a. Prior to the activities, take time to check your current muscular condition. b. Determine the capability of your body to have exercises with weights. c. The intensity and the number of reps must be based on your body condition.


Tip Toe with Dumbbells

Stand straight and let each of your hand hold dumbbells with the same weight. In the beginning, you can use 3lb-dumbbells, then you can try 5 lbs. Next, slowly lift raise your calf and hold that position for 16 counts. Keep your hands on your sides. Lower down your heels and take a deep breath. Repeat the routine for five to 10 minutes. This routine can improve your balance and tone your calves better than the usual.

Step on the Bench

Look for a bench which stands approximately one foot. Stand straight before the bench and place your hands on your hips. Put your right foot on the bench and press your weight on it. Then, do the same thing on your left foot. When your feet are on the bench, don?t forget to maintain proper posture. Next, start going down using your left foot. Keep on switching legs for 3 to 5 minutes. The height or the level of the bench can go as high as two feet; the higher the bench is, the better. However, don?t force your legs to take a higher bench.

Walking Lunges

A sudden forward movement can be beneficial for your legs. Walking, per se, is the one of the most common and probably the easiest exercise. Doing it with a twist, in this case with lunges, is a good idea . Begin with a straight standing position and put your hands on your hips. Move your right leg forward until your thigh is parallel to the floor. Hold that position for five seconds then pick yourself up. Go back on your original position and do the same act on your left leg. Continue alternating your legs for 1 minute, then adjust it up to 10 minutes if you wish to. You can have this activity either in the gym or outdoors as long as the surface is flat.

Leg strengthening exercises must be performed on a daily basis prior to the adult stage. The bone density must be increased to be able to walk, run, sit and stand without the risk of having injuries. Start with properly guided workouts and a nutrition plan.



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