Introduction to High-Intensity Interval Training


High-Intensity Interval Training

Hard core exercises often garner few number of enthusiast due to the intensity required to complete each routine. Despite the benefits, such as extensive fat loss and profound muscle building, beginners tend to have cold feet. The problem lies on the lack of adequate information and comprehensive explanation about the significance and the perks of undergoing a high-intensity interval trainings.

Compared to the traditional routines, it has been proven for decades that the implementation of higher intensity on ?workouts is more effective. On one hand, the low intensity routines must not be taken for granted. Either of the two play a significant role in achieving ultimate fitness over time. It just so happened that the more energy and power you exert the more advantageous it gets? provided you are guided accordingly.

High-intensity interval training or commonly known as HIIT is considered as a form of inteval training with less amount of recovery periods . It is often incorporated with aerobic routines and cardiovascular exercise, followed by a series of short workouts with lower intensity. The condition of the body prior to the interval trainings must be considered tobe able to identify the allowed intensity for every session.


Your Complete Guide to Strength Training

Due to the extreme nature of the workouts, it is recommended to improve the strength and core of the athletes and sports afficionados. It is a smart way to gain chiseled arms, powerful squads, increase aerobic power, better glucose metabolism and maximize muscle mass without sacrifing the whole essence of any routine.

The techniques used in HITT vary on the fitness plan instructed by the fitness guru. The longevity of the session and the choice of routines can be changed from time to time. Basically, each training begin with a set of warm up exercises, followed by high intensity workouts and will slowly turn into the moderate level intensity ones. Similar to any routine, it will be concluded through a cool down.

Advantages of HIIT

Research shows that intervals with high intensity showcase efficiency whether you are on a tight schedule or not. In line with this running for two three minutes and quickly shifting in walking for a minute can be a good start for HIIT. This can actually be performed either going to work or school, highlighting the efficiency at all times. Ideally, you can spend 15 minutes HIIT workouts in the span of 3 to four weeks to get better results.

Considering the use of extremely high level of intensity, HIIT activities let you burn more fats and calories in just 24 hours and gives your body a sense of drive to do more the next time around. It might be exhausting at first, but the sweat you perspire will definitely take part on having positive vibes over the routines. As the results become palpable each day, your mindset over the next routine can be altered positively.

HIIT workouts serve as a major contributor in having a healthier heart. With its inclusion in some of the cardiovascular routines, you easily build heart endurance and protection against cardiovascular diseases. On the other hand, those who have history of heart failures or any related circulatory system malfunction are advised to seek the opinion of the doctors before incorporating HIIT on their fitness plan.

Moreover, equipment is not necessary to conduct HIIT routines. Of course, the use of any equipment could spice up your game. However, there are available intervals, such as rowing, biking and running, which can be done without the aid of equipment. In case you prefer routines with equipment and other gym materials, it?s better to ask a fitness instructor which one suits your needs. Without a proper guidance, the equipment might lessen the effectiviness of a routine.

Your metabolic rate could level up if you engage in a more intense workout. This can be a huge fact, but, it will still depend on the disicipline you have while having the activity. Scientifically speaking, HIIT workouts may stimulate the growth hormone for more than 400 percent on a daily basis. Therefore, the caloric burn intenfies and in the long run may serve as an additional supplement in slowing down one?s aging process.

As mentioned above, these type of workouts are seriously challenging and calls for time and attention. On the other hand, once you completed each routine, you will realize that whatever you set for yourself, big or small, can be achieved if you work hard for it. In general the routines touch both psychological and physical changes.


Traditional workouts injected with HIIT principle produce satisfying results. Aerobic exercises, strength and resistance trainings usually apply high intensity to make each activity more beneficial. The main focus is to level up the interval duration and the intensity itself.

For your trainings, your plan may start with a low warm up for five minutes and take a minute of high-intensity routine. Then, as a continuation, apply a? minute of low intensity for every after 30 seconds of high intensity.

To make it more complex, you can use jump ropes, kettlebells and dumbbels in HIIT. In terms of the weight of the equipment mentioned, choose the ones that can challenge you? and will allow you to complete the repetitions as indicated on your fitness plan.


There are popular regimens developed by certain individuals which tackle the relevance of high intensity workouts. The most famous among these is the tabata regimen developed by Izumi Tabata in the late 90?s. It is composed of 20 seconds of highly intensed workouts folowed by 10 seconds of rest and done over 8 cycles in 4 minutes. The short duration may push the heart rate past 100 percent according to some to some findings.


Other regimens called Gibala, Zuniga and Timmons named after their developers suggest different ratio in terms of the application of rest and extreme intensity. However, they agreed that the preference of individual is what matters the most.

Apparently, HIIT should not frighten you. ?It is worth the try and your effort will surely pay-off. Who has a perfect routine anyway? You only have to start somewhere, experiment and see where will it take you someday. Aim for the best. Choose to be fit. Choose to be healthy.



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